Monday, November 17, 2014


Light floods just out of reach
Set atop the highest peaks
Where angels fly and come to rest
And fix a halo upon the crest

"Screw's loose", or so was feared
To those who've gathered through the years
Young and old, to mend the flaw
With Rusty's ladder against the wall

We set it straight and pulled the chain
Then held it firm against terrain
So he who feared not death nor heights
Could climb above and fix the lights

Quick and calm, he knew what's right
Then sealed the deal up good and tight
Confirmed it'd last for many years
And descended down like steady tears

It only took a moment more that day
A task that came and whisked away
But in my mind it left a mark
A prickled speck amidst the dark

That day that Rusty answered the call
To climb and rise above us all
Fearless, rough and full of fight
He shines beyond the grasp of night

— Jason Kichline

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