Friday, June 14, 2013

I'd Marry You

"I'd marry her", was my terse reply
an easy answer to a tough question
though I've only seen you a sister, I...
I admit I have a slight confession

I sensed you'd touch my timid soul
your essence shy on ocean breeze
it wafted around a sunrise lull
begging me to bring you teas

your husband here, my wife was home
young campers waking from the sand
but simple love tugged hearts to roam
that freshened feel of new, held hands

we never touched, but from that day
I paid the guard who held the door
who kept the prying eyes away
from beauty I've never seen before

but seen it since, I dare not say
for time and trouble had roiled it up
like sand awash in a weathered fray
life spit the seed back in the cup

I learned the news five years too soon
and seven years again too late
but love's as lasting as the dunes
that shift and shimmy around a fate

you held in tears as you poured out
a pain that's lasted an eternity
a singeing, searing, silent shout
for love, acceptance and certainty

you didn't hear me then, I doubt
I hope my heart did tell it true
instinctively it flat called out
once again, "I'd marry you"

— Jason Kichline