Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'd been there waiting, only loneliness forgot
she sometimes parks in a dark, forgotten lot
hungry, we retired from our most tiresome task
enforcing rules of the roads we'd traveled too fast

then alone, she entered with a welcoming chime
the kind that prompts hosts to focus space and the time
and rushed to the front desk was a most scrawny chap
with a menu in hand to a yet unmarked map

but where would she sit in a place built for just twos?
togetherness seemed like such an unpleasant rouse
and why was she forced in such unnatural ways?
for craving a man for fear of time ticking days

a corner table emerged from near the front door
small and unnoticed and not too far from the roar
of a fire stoked warm near the entrance of hearts
warmed close as if embraced from the sum of our parts

my eyes drew to hers in a most momentous haze
she tickled my soul as her gaze glanced and did graze
between unmentioned memories of two strangers felt
so I simply laid down the hand I had been dealt

"two", I spoke in shock and signed the fine maƮtre d'
as if all of this time, she'd been waiting for me
then I saw in the depths of that dim, darkened place
a glimmer of gladness grace the edge of her face

see, we each follow hunger through the dark of the night
opening pathways towards a more welcoming light
we seek merely a meal or a drink to sustain
but really acceptance is our most honest aim

so for now we remembered in time's shifting sands
through talking and laughing and a holding of hands
not for what we'd take home or for cheap one night stands
but for what rises above in what chance understands

– Jason Kichline