Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blush and Blue

purity falls afresh on you
silken as the morning dew
unspoken vows, anointed lips
that smiles past your timid hue

you're my friend, I know it true
I don't know why, I hope I do
perhaps it's of our friendly quips
or love of life, of God, of you

so forgive me for my vantage view
for your beauty's of the perfect few
that stole my eye, that grabbed a glimpse
of porcelain skin, an unbundled two

did you see what I saw through?
like Adam's Eve's awareness grew
or am I safe to come to grips
with simple shame and hampered hips
as Jacob's blessing did imbue
while wrestling between the blush and blue

– Jason Kichline

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