Monday, May 28, 2012


she glanced at me, an eager cheat
perched upon black vinyl throne
of dull chrome
fallen faithful
lulled eyes
a hulled soul

I watched her, a faceless treat
wrapped in thin air and wear
in smoke choked
sound pounded
dark caresses between
unbound breasts

it was there I noticed the creases
hard lines cut through years
careless wisps mixed with fears
and thighs oiled
sweet fragrance of
intimacy foiled where
Washington's await to be soiled

her eyes told me her story
38, a single mother of two
weary of worldly worry
and the men she knew

so she bargains with her body
worth more than I could throw
revealing more than I can know
but I know...
and I want to know

my heart descends into the dark
beckoning for a connection
one more dance
one more glance
one more chance
one more thing to say...
on that day before Mother's Day

– Jason Kichline

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