Monday, December 19, 2011


tireless towers jut from ground
terrestrial beings talking around
penetrates innocence within the steel
beaming a radiant, invisible sound

seeming to sway into the clouds
staring up, the sky surrounds
the pinnacle of our perfect zeal
to perpetuate simple souls aloud

we rise and fall and then rebound
aspiring somewhat above the mound
from the toil, sweat and dirt we seal
willed divination, damn the downed

pressing forward to sign the deal
to release the god inside the wheel

— Jason Kichline

Thursday, December 8, 2011

"What Ifs"

whispering eyes and a nodded grin
you opened up and drew me in
I remember us without regret
in rebuilt moments years forget

a sheen on brunette locks within
an innocence revealed upon pale skin
smooth and touchable, wanted whet
I caress the realities I've never met

our laughter still carries on longing's winds
flirting with frolicked could-have-beens
you paid my heart with passions meant
to write a check I would've gladly spent

for an exchange of touch or a cautioned sin
might have changed a past rescinded
but instead we came and saw and went
two parallel paths that bumped and bent

looking back, if we knew then
of becomings begun back who knows when
would we have wandered from windows lent
of opportunities found in chances sent?
but now time and space and fate transcends
these "what ifs" wafting between our ends

Jason Kichline