Sunday, May 2, 2010


sing so sweet
as lilac on the wind
rise chills of refreshed
beginnings respired

turn to me
dashed fabric flutters
cool cotton interweaves
our forevers conspired

are we to be?
or two distant echoes
as song following song
and screams within fire

burning believes
hot kisses escaping
chests bursting, aching
hands reaching higher

to touch and not see
you gleamed in sunrise
your passion in eyes sighs
through silence inspired

– Jason Kichline


rough grit, smooth slides
toes that squeeze earth
hearing atop feeling the
crash and spray warm
salted of ancient stones
cool slap of heels, foam
stick to flesh as drops
of desire to be my own
to hold your hand, hop
joy of your touch and
cool of night, or day
dry heat of sun trapped
dust, skin in thin brushes
wince at sharp twinges
of jealous dreams lost
broken shells of hope

– Jason Kichline