Tuesday, December 29, 2009


am I just like all the others?
is the illusion I've drawn elusive art
   or simple chicken scratch bullshit?
words ordered to make the appearance
   like fine clothes on a blowup doll
ornate stockings on cheap vinyl thrills
sick fetish glossy mags sold as nude stills
it doesn't fool anyone but the hopeful fool
what have I become then?
am I only a demon wrapped in flesh
   seeking to consume without end?
or is my intent to love strong enough
   a beacon of spiritual light enmeshed
I think what I am can be real
I believe faith can wish it into existance
I hope beyond logic I can be more than my craving
I declare that there's something in both you and me worth saving

– Jason Kichline

Monday, December 14, 2009


heaviness weighs on course piano strings
frayed from the plucking and hitting
splintering skin and splattering blood
the constant torment carrying
stooped over from the aching heaviness
misshapen into a twisted ball of hurt and pain
lashing violence like broken tensions, too tight
madness released as visceral flesh cutting
heightening my sense of feeling the hidden
seeing the unseen, holding the absent hand
crying tears of remote fear and history
tickling ivory of shaking bone and ebony
playing doctor with shattered hearts

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


an act of worship makes a noise
loud above the status quo silence
bold beyond an accepted inaction
as clanging a bell, breaking night
rushing the dawn in lifted hands
we stand as one, a union, church
in one song, swaying and playing
but a family in need is mentioned
and we, the body hear and weep
call for a basket to hold blessings
and one comes forward, clanging
jangles on wood, a stretched skin
dancing, she turns it upside-down
laying down her worship for love
and each coming, carrying money
replacing music from our open lips
with open wallets from their hips
showing what true worship brings
in lives laid down and tambourines

Jason Kichline