Saturday, October 31, 2009


in darkness the demons creep
chased by light into the deep
such evil things made like new
concealed by clever plastic masks
for this time of year, no one asks
why we welcome in taboo

perhaps the dark comes from light
shadows shining ever bright
in between my favorite hue
comes the lurking deep within
playful evil has always been
encouraged secrets between two

gently wondering what I think
guessing closer to the brink
then acting out what you view
that I want, I don't resist
it would be rude, you insist
sweetly seduced by the skew

we accidentally draw astray
each other in this natural way
coaxing pleasures is what we do
as blinded by the taste of sweet
we welcome in the sickening sweet
tricking and treating each of you

– Jason Kichline


as I begun
hardly a teen
approaching ancient doors
stone walls wide
and a victory seen
a battle already won
a battle waged for each one

tall maple bends
a wrought iron fence
on narrow paths explored
a curious eyed
welcome guest
a stranger yet a friend
and strangers yet to befriend

deep inside walls
laughter grows warm
resounding for a score
a constant, a guide
as wisdom that transforms
past now present calls
as a gathered family recalls

and as for the man
shoes filled, footprints
still tracking in the snows
forgiveness cried
and following since
I caught a glimpse of you
a glimpse of Christ in you

– Jason Kichline

Friday, October 30, 2009


in a new place, I step alone
against crumbled limestone
grinding as sand underfoot
turning the corner to cross
a drooped series of cables
strung as hearts to shores
rushing of life between us
I, place a foot upon wood
heel on plank, toe on gap
and you the same, in trust
cables tighten as weights
shift and tug under loads
bore as steady movements
nervous as the wind stops
shy as trees are clothed in
autumn leaves falling away
and we slide into a center
waves of each other closer
hands sliding on bent rails
vibrations in feet and here
inside the deep and hidden
unleashing wells of desire
pent up to be released in
a culmination of destiny
two lost souls meeting
in between the shores
for one last dance
for one first kiss

– Jason Kichline


listen close
a whistle echos
lights burning dark
voices rise, then falls
bubbling as deep water
flowing over foundations
some new, others ancient
this energy passed, follows
attraction in skin and more
hearts look past many hues
of eyes, of hair, and tones
giggles, shouts, or banters
honest teaching of a dad
fryers and diesel fumes
surround us in a haze
of carnival euphoria
cold feet tired on
faded asphalt
but happy

– Jason Kichline


under a contract of love, a hate ignites
intense tongues of flame lapping hearts
burning in selfish accusation she indites
a fallen man, fallen in love. Sharp darts
of stares deep and searching, beatened
for the solidity of truth in word caved
in on lies that rot, like teeth sweetened
sick and brittle the bite, yet he craves
the feeling of being alive, rupturing her
dignity like a swollen corpse in spilling  
an escape from the dust to mud to stir
to life, loins cold from unknown knowing

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


in autumn rain, a solitary<br />leaf clings fast <br />leaving a past<br />heart branching beyond<br />life lost before it's gone<br />falling, fluttering free from the force<br />stem breaking free from it's source<br />setting fire a course<br />breezes invisible to my crying eyes<br />guiding gently, dying hues unhide<br />a fragility of<br />descending from above<br />seeking, bringing love

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


we all know it's coming, creaking along
winter held off by these guardsman
autumnal sentinels rooted strong
in the barricaded moundings
stiff-necked and assured

earth and clay unshaken
armor clad, their fragile skins
hues brighten from dying shrouds
of dark black scribbles against grey
as skeletons unlocked from the grave

an army formation upon the hills
fluttering as their cheers raise
above the winds of change
into the ground of same
of graves of yesterday

a buried hush wipes clean
the dreams of death and life
rushed in like frost from howling
blistered faces red and chapped lips
dip again into the deep wooded cistern

falling as snowflakes onto black pools
tar upon mosses and moss upon logs
symmetry unleashed from trees
high above and knowingly
fall as passing seasons

– Jason Kichline


I know the feeling so intimately
a wanting to do something of regret
the excitement of it
my pulse quickening
my breath shallowing
my fingertips tingling
into a moisture welling inside
the dizzy haze of inevitable moments
circling as the stars cross the heavens
these direct descendants of infinite light
finite in the dreaded dark canvas
let though as gnats bite the sky
let through as clouds in spring
or dust and smoke in July
my youthfulness sings
as crickets crescendo at night
as birds rest from the flight
and there you are, perched, bright
starlight captured in skin
beauty beheld before
time dares to begin
stroking you like chords
tickling you like ivory
caressing your neck
sliding to your body
touching each fret
with notes of regret

– Jason Kichline

Friday, October 23, 2009


they gather on
weekends and Fridays
they are the days of Eros
they are the days of worship
to the market they trod
ten little piggies
slipped into stockings
slipped into sexy boots
strutting short skirts
tight knit sweaters
the currency here isn't cash
the product is bartered and haggled
silently waging a war for flesh
moving sly to the auctioneer
each one looking for a mate
each one sipping cocktails
flirting with eyes and swagger
women looking for the one
men looking for the many
they dance and move to the sway
of the ancient song of Friga
bolstered breasts and sucked guts
silky legs and keen suits
luck be his lady this night
carried home like fine groceries
slip those feet from the leather
slide the hosiery from her thighs
in ritualized animal instincts
an empty religion of blind gods

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, October 22, 2009


there's a rush of meaning in a blank stare
emotion teaming like life in a stagnate pool
glistening a sparkle of weariness and wear
unmoving, unblinking, disbelief spotted there
behind his stoic strength and pristine cool
deep solemn tunnels wrench and wring fear
into a glazen, brazen sheen of the lonely
of a loss of his love, of his only

– Jason Kichline


there once was a wall
laid between us as brick
between rising tall
we stand curious

water splashing in it's fall
crashing over moist nude
bodies, we inward call
to the mysterious

I hear your voice as it lulls
my concerns of age thick
within my shower stall
it swirls delirious

my mind sees you in raw
a fragile and subdued
beauty of you I saw
in visions spurious

our words echo above all
hands lather skin slick
hidden, we enthrall
instincts to possess

on each side, we each fall
a logic unable to preclude
sensual desires crawling
as joy turns serious

honestly, I only want it all
is that too much, too quick?
to tear down this wall
joining us into us

afraid this life spark will pall
dark, I claw through to you
risking an intimate recall
bearing flesh injurious

but my eternal soul's knowing
is worth a moment of showing
risking depths we could regret
raising consequences we beset
to never forget a splash in wet

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


it's a simple solution
to an ancient problem
to wake the mind from sleep
to snap the soul from moments
like a buzzer ringing in the night
less of a bell and more like a hum
a gentle column of steam blowing
whistling like a teapot off walls
brimming over in anticipation
coupling perfectly the flesh
bridging the divine inside

tingling deep within
trembling at my core
crawling below like my fear                  pangs
seeping slowly towards a rear          chilling
opening up sealed passageways  forgotten
then in a rush as a storm strengthening
it closes down my facade strongholds
reducing my oratory to grumbling
deep below in the engine room
and my body wins the mutiny
the flesh overwhelming

– Jason Kichline

Monday, October 19, 2009


each breath
is nothing
sucking of the wind
chasing after the whirls
so small
but each inhale
means everything
without it
we die
rushing intakes
the aroma of life
touching our soul
cold and clean
tickling at impurities
coaxing them to let go
automatic gasps so small
we hardly notice them at all
gushing intakes
the smell of him or her
the fragrance of citrus skin
the closeness of fabrics
igniting the ignored fires
damp wood and musty
smoldering wicks lit
hushing intakes
and I forget to speak
and I forget to breathe
speechless and breathless
without an answer of love
for nothing
like the air around
is the best answer found

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, October 18, 2009


are these differences nurtured?
   the ones between boys and girls
are we not the same?
   made from the same image?
   made from the same mud?
   we amplify nature
   we magnify the smallest things
stereotypes and pigeon holes
   neat compartments
filled with
   pink ribbons
   soft gentleness
   flowing fabrics on frames
   underhandedly coddling weakness
as if strength does not exist
strength is in her
   more than in me
another woman speaks
   of not writing to a man
   of not talking to one either
   as if there is only one way to go
a downward spiral of toxic words
   am I toxic?
do my teeth have fangs?
   am I thirsty for flesh?
I ask the deep questions
I prod for the answers
I want to see your strength
   bite me like a dog
   show me your teeth
   it's natural to have anger
you were not born to be ruled
you have given birth
   what have I done?
you have beauty
   what have I done?
do I steal it from you
   and cage you like a dog?
is it right to...
   hedge you in with a fence
   cut you like the grass in the yard
   beat you like bushes until you submit?
you are...
   wild as the fields
   fiery as the sunset
   free as the skies
I cannot contain you
I cannot keep you
I can only hope
   to unlock your wonder
   to love you as equals
   to love you as one

– Jason Kichline

Define Love

to compare love defies us
to dare the heavens above
to explain it belies reason
to tell the truth in lies
to well up tears in eyes
to speak over butterflies
to breathe slow
to sear one's soul
to hear one's heart

it cries out for another
it courses blood in veins
it forces new buds to strain
against the frozen ground
against the chosen bound
against the bodies wound
tangled in a tightened chest
dangled in a heightened caress
angled in a frightened request

a love beyond acquaintance
a love further than friendship
a love longing more than laughter
a love needing more than a notion

souls clamoring at the locks
fumbling in the pouring grey
feet splashing in soaking socks
tumbling in our adoring way

and one day...
hidden from worlds
written on the scrolls
sealed, waxed and rolled
unrolling our from pasts
seeking out what lasts
kissing lips that far surpass
the law of all that's okay
the call of child play
seduction sublime
innocence divine
love redefined

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, October 17, 2009


we are but a mist
hardly there yet seen
swept up by the winds
driven by breaths billowed
of ancient words commanding

as weather we risk
against the crashing sea
vapors rise and then rescind
a fog filling mountainous gaps
by the grace of one demanding

and in this wind brisk
that scatters us in routines
swift against the cheeks of him
who created and in me bestowed
life as his gift of fluids withstanding

so I pour with might against the face
of a God of grace who guides my place

– Jason Kichline


shaken hands hang frail
fingers torment, impale hair
tugging at deep sinking roots
of the pangs of awakened pain

square center of the wheel
his forehead imprints the logo
empty parking lot lights sparkle
on crystal drizzles of wronged rain

still and silent, he gives pause
squinting through tears in a stare
kicking a past in steel-tipped boots
as the radio plays love songs in vain

exhaust rises as hot breath fogs
enshrouding in shame-drifted woe
her shadow catching glimpses of all
the ways she hurt and cut him, insane

in his car he's free yet locked in chains
to dwell in memories the heart retains

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, October 15, 2009


memory handprints on a heart
markings made through touch
the worn finish on the rungs
of a favorite wooden chair

fresh and new from the start
pulses jump over the not-so-much
pristine breaths from our lungs
fresh as the new love we share

but the years have done their part
squeaks soften the springs and such
paint flakes fall as we have begun
another course of time we wear

these common scenes change into art
like a comfy blanket that we clutch
or the softened fabric found among
other jeans that are not "that pair"

though through our days, colors fade
the cotton thins, or the textures vary
when all the ways before me are laid
I'd still pick you, the girl I have married
as proved in a whispered promise made
two words in morn: "happy anniversary"

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


on the ground below
made of dirt
I lie still
close to that which made me
freezing void spinning earth
planets dizzy over head
worms busy under foot
they salivate
aching in my bones
my chest a cage
my beating convictIon
my heart wanting to leap
tearing down the towers
crushing the gate house
scaling the barb wire
but God made a way
removing just one
from this prison
love outlawed
missing bars
an open invitation
a doorway to escape
like a filing tool hidden
smuggled in a bible or cake
a covert gift of freedom
built into each man
a little hint to
let it escape
and hold

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


the weatherman in my head
has a very strange sense of humor
dry as the plains on Thursday
with a 50% chance of precipitation
which is obvious to all watching
as the dark fogs roll in green skies
monitoring his blotches of pixels
flowing up like a groovy lava lamp
over indistinguishable land masses
he props his leg up on the bar stool
he folds his arms over one knee
he melts into a friend of knowledge
from the free-love 70's professor
look he had reinvented accidentally
intuition, academia, balls-of-steel
he decides the fate of the population
do they run in rain without umbrellas?
do they sweat today in layered shirts?
his mustache cocks crooked below
his nose powdered for action
his eyes gleam in the spotlights
his teeth revealed like mysteries
his suit surrounds calm swagger
his poise is sure, steady, certain
the director points, counts down
the camera flips on with red bulbs
he rattles off half truths and lies
he sells them like a vacuum cleaner
and I believe him without question
because it's what I wanted to hear
because when I get stuck in the rain
at least I can blame someone else
at least I can mock his bad jokes
at least I can say it wasn't my fault
but no one ever argues with his lies
told with such certainty and laughter

– Jason Kichline

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Path

the way is lost
blind wandering
seeing only trees
amidst the forest

the eternal cost
his legs pondering
believing he sees
a path before us

sunbeams blind
autumn blazes
on painted bark
unending mazes

lights lit to find
another amazed
entangled in dark
touched and gazed

moon beams toss
a dream wondering
we as gentle as breeze
mingled as nymph chorus

breath turned frost
my poetry squandered
as our two muses embark
soar dancing through sorus

and we, our hands bind
in love, pale flags raised
submit down on our knees
for ways revealed as days

until the ground smooths
or the painted wood guides
I am lost with you this wood
I, lost in you, this heart abides
until the thin truth crosses near
I'll hold your cold hand, my dear

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ancient Ways

ancient doors seal the semblance of seasons
kept in dusty chambers in the darkness of time
rooms feared if opened as vacant nurseries
pink and blue welcoming an empty womb

the door stays shut: slam, echoing yesterday
old pains converted to questions of distrusting
new cultures unwilling to be tasted like sashimi
although we have been invited to the table to feast

the old made new dies quick, pierced with a spike
traditions deemed taboo by the elderly watchmen
young experiences wallow and yearning new ways
still crying as new hearts for the ancient of days

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Willow Road

the willow road passed
over their heavy heads
a boy on tattered vinyl
staring sad from a back
seated sorrow overflow
of remnants of life with
no room for toys or joy
only for a cramped child
growing too fast for play
learning too much pain
a father absent or drunk
a mother focuses ahead
the road slow and mean
tears streaming silently
over dark skin, unkempt
frizzy hair from a tangled
escape on her white pony
no knight, no shining armor
just a rustbucket oldsmobile
a cutlass struggling against
unyielding headwinds of
immense dragging weight
of their life, starting over

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, October 8, 2009


enclosed in cellophane it rots
wrapped in foam and labeled
"organic", though store bought
it's liquid belly innards molded
so I toss it in the garbage can

but it whispers from the beyond
when mom and dad had taught
in a garden carved from a lawn
our planted, self-sufficient lots
fed from love and labored tans

memories far but never gone
a summer I had almost forgot
if not for spoiled squash upon
a shelf in life and left to rot
but fate required I understand

overwhelmed, the vines spawned
from many seeds sowed in hot
moist earth and dew at dawn
and grew more than we had sought
overflowing our tiny patch of land

lush and green rolls of chiffon
the more we ate, the more we got
until a table with signs we had to don
with scribbles "4 Free" at the one spot
where passersby could see our stand

the extra crop that we passed on
to the passersby who cared to stop
were blessed by us and yet all along
if you dared to follow my fabled plot
were blessed back again and again

so as I write this rhyming story down
I feast upon a delicious blessing caught
by spreading the fruit of my life around
savoring homemade zucchini bread, not
made for something coming out our ears
or bought or sold for funding our peers
but a thank you for sharing what I can
by pouring out a heart of a simple man

– Jason Kichline


his borrowed wine pours
in the deepest of nights
as the moon star soars
you bear commitments
behind unlocked doors
hidden newborn lights
teenage flesh as words
speak of adopted parents
repeating "oblivious obelisk" for
only expressed alliterative rights
and annoying a daughter
trapped in meaning meant
to stay as common as lore
or as random as flying kites
turn chasing wind into chore
they dart into empty flights
just as vaguity of hopes adore
her receptive ears and sights
her father found in flailed fluster
her friends drudging in wet cement
and she held captive by her core
striving to decode chaotic blights
noticing random is the tenet of order

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


on my mind
in waking dreams
you sing softly to me

a Celtic tune
whispered truth
as fog rolls over sea

the waves roar
ever chasing the shore
rushing, they never meet

lips weaves threads
on looms in our heads
fine fabrics of destiny

to and from
your melody goes
tongues entangling we

between the rests
breaths heave breasts
caught wind, my eyes see

continuing on
I hear your song
echoing over knelt trees

your silken dress
drifts off into mess
secrets revealed to just be

under the moon
your song in the nude
unveiled and given to me

we make our home
among edges of known
our two souls singing free

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


sleep won't come
hiding behind shadows
staring at my restlessness
with all my being
I want to drift away
sweet seduction of slumber
my body presses
against the door jam
refusing to go into peace
my mind stresses
thoughts and paranoia
of demons lurking beyond
I have found for you
a jewel within treasure
boxes opened from forgotten
memories playback
like a spinning ballerina
songs played on metal tangs
spinning discs
songs for twirling lives
dizzy imperfections perfected
this ring of hope
uniting across ethereal
gaps of cementing purpose
this focal colloquial
ringing truth above noise
sorrowful lies stealing abundance

– Jason Kichline

Monday, October 5, 2009


the words may change
but the meaning stays the same

I see red letters crossed in red ink
I see the oppressors struggle to think

then in a stroke, appalled
their broken agendas flawed
are deep fried in religion
trans fatty oils anointing
the word of God like a donut
stuffed with sickening sweetness
powdered, glazed and put in a box
and consumed by round bloated kings
too fat to see their own hypocritical toes
too blinded by the piles of things
sold in temples of self-gratification
while puttering around in Walmart carts

we, fat asses consumed with ourselves
if only this ass would talk as Balaam's
the whirl of the electric motor hum
silenced by drained batteries from
the obvious revelations, hidden:

we are the word
we are the light
we are the way
we are the sight

and if we bother at all
to scribble on the page
the poorest of penmanship
the illegible writings of God
fresh ink for those
living eternal words
struggling for breath

– Jason Kichline

Scared and Lost

many people to not know
inside I am a fearful mess
though my shaking doesn't show
the reasons why are yours to guess

at everything I aim to do
at love or life or work or prayer
I'm constantly reminded by the cue
that losing's reserved for those who dare

"loser" is what I call myself
though "cocky" is what others see
though told otherwise by my wealth
in the things of life, love and liberty

so, for now, I press onward on
driven by my becoming to be
sorry that all I do as wrong...
sorry will you please forgive me?

humbly, believe I don't have a clue
I'm as scared and lost as all of you

– Jason Kichline


to souls, time has no bindings
memories free of ticking chains
and I, caressing your smooth wrists
watch whole lifetimes appear at once

I see you, as a little girl
unaged, unchanged by the world
raging, relentless, the push and pull
now tearing at your simplest features

I remember you in prophecies
I recall the non-existent days
I smell the sweet wild flowers
the ones I had plucked
the ones I had tucked
behind your perfect ears

yet I never knew you then
nor do I know you even now
yet you drive deeper within
seen in a fog of distant years
of white hair and wrinkled skin
an essence, still beautiful somehow

I forget the lifetimes delivered
I foresaw you before it all began
I taste you like the cold autumn air
the feeling of life perishing and then
the feeling of life rebirthing again here
the feeling that I have known you forever
and miraculous indeed our ageless souls, have

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, October 4, 2009


sometimes words do not express
no matter how hard we try
to deliver in written form
every moment of life

sometimes my mind is impressed
caught up in the silence of
experience that remains
unspoken and unbroken

sometimes I cannot simply stress
the edge of eyes or sullen sighs
to capture life in squiggles
like dissertating giggles

sometimes I must cleanly confess
that life is so filled with life
that capturing fragments
only stagnates it's flow

sometimes we marvel at the mess
mesmerized by it's near necessity
as basic and as unstructured
as we mimicking future woe

– Jason Kichline

Friday, October 2, 2009


dots of wonder, specks of awe
waves of splendor drowning out
the swaying of short surrender
grass and mud mix in dew swell
to nostrils enlivening a glorious
recall and the pride of childhood
bright glares stand proud on poles
light stares on a graduated green
hard fought impact hurts muscles
and bruise the resilience of egos
but the band plays on as they do
continued on as a victorious song
modern remakes set to tubas and
snare drums snapping in a valley
the true fight of wills lifted up as
horns in brass and pounded heads
shouting repetitions from mouths
simple choreography dancing for
those resting on aluminum seats
basking in the victory of this life

– Jason Kichline