Saturday, May 30, 2009


remembrance is a funny thing
living in an other's past dreams
or nightmares as it would seem
because she sits today alone

memories flash and fade in time
blurred as visions of decrepit eyes
relived as aching, younger sighs
she utters resting on the stone

her dress flows in the summer breeze
bones and corsets tug at history
to narrow the gap of time between
the time her love turned to bone

she relives the past as reality
descending on death's den daily
and resting in her restless way
far from her ancient home

looking toward the painful place
where her sweetheart fell from grace
as shrapnel flew like crimson lace
seducing his soul to roam

she comes again to search for him
a soldier boy full of life and whim
to reunite hearts as heaven dims

on two ghosts seeking to atone
the chosen in this haunted poem

– Jason Kichline

So Close

so close
yet so far
almost there
where you are
to have you here
not to myself
but to share
don't care
I'll share

so close
yet so far
to an affair
begun at the bar
a place we can bear
our cold naked souls
and try not stare
at underwear
I may stare

so close
yet so far
to raise a cheer
for those who are
of the drinking year
to make her wish
upon a fiery star
in dark appear
star afar

so close
yet so far
to feel the air
near your heart
to smell your hair
and recklessly start
the reality of our
truth now clear
just an hour
to be near
so close
so far

– Jason Kichline

Friday, May 29, 2009


in the early dawn
   before the sun greets me
   before the day meets me
   before the night is gone
a chorus outside sings
   echoing over distance
   echoing beyond chance
   echoing challenges to wings
to fly again against the sky
   birds of day woo at night
   birds of night wait for light
   birds of love wonder why
finding another across the field
   filled with her intoxicating songs
   filled with his comfort, she longs
   filled with belonging, two are healed
of loneliness found in the void
   though apart they hear a voice
   though apart they near a choice
   though apart, hearts have enjoyed
the sounds of oneness in nature's choir
   songs seem random as they're heard
   songs deemed beautiful, if not absurd
   songs glean wonder from a single word
to those of oneness soaring higher
to those in tune with one's desire

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, May 28, 2009


though tired minds have thought
and sore arms still hold close
a lost daughter of mine
resting in her room
but not talking

sullen and sulking she sits silently still
clutching just a pillow against her
why can't this pain just transfer
into the soft and deep
feathered plush

but I leave her to cry herself asleep
because she can't again repeat
the tears and stains of life
so we speak in a hush
to chill the chafe

I leave her for the night and pray for rest
for her young, wearied, worried mind
because some wounds take time
and the heart heals it's best
when the body is safe

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


your sweater looks wonderful
yarn knitted in maternal need
by fingers feeble and fragile
colors selected from the deep
knotted and fastened
to keep you warm in the night
to hold you tight in the morn
but that sweater flows on you
accentuating your curves
from your shoulders to your hips
but your sweater
looks much better
draped over a chair
our on a pristine pile
as tossed from your body
to reveal more of you
in the heat of passion
the sweater undone
the sweater untied
unknotted frenzy
of young hands
on each other
all over top
and under
and the sweater
waits patiently
on the floor
until later

– Jason Kichline


paralyzed with fear
the message seems so clear
to tell everyone that she's sorry
that she could say if she were here

paralyzed with fear
this is not what I want to hear
to find she had gone too far this time
praying the cut is not too severe

paralyzed with fear
my dry eyes begin to tear
as I contact those who are closer
because I am not as near

paralyzed with fear
is death as close as it appears?
as in a mirror that uncovers tomorrow
small and blurred as ones for rear

paralyzed with fear
that the words I say won't adhere
to real action when reaction matters
that perhaps I'm not sincere

paralyzed with fear
as a daughter disappears
as I remain chained and helpless
unable to persevere as we're

paralyzed with fear

– Jason Kichline

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ice Cream Sandwich

frantic fingers tug loose paper flaps
white, thin and perfect, they tear
revealing moist, perfect cakes
the translucent veil opens
made to be undone
and slides down

refreshment descends on him
shivers ascend to his neck
gushing forth hot saliva
an awaiting mouth
lingers in sweet

he starts by licking the edges
collecting the creamy drips
pressing at cool vanilla
forcing the frozen
the dormant
to melt

he holds it steady against his lips
grasping the sticky encasement
because it wants to wiggle
to escape as he suckles
at the essence of sun
and days spent in
humid pleasure

his tongue descends deeper
nibbling at rounded edges
mixing bitter chocolate
and liquified vanilla
slow and steady
savoring it all

but soon it is just too messy
and he consumes in bites
mouth open wide just
licking and lapping
until completion
in satisfaction

he chews remnants off his fingers
to remember tastes as it lingers
and he unfolds paper seams
luscious licking in creases
as his desire releases
upon her ice cream


starlit eyes melt my heart
she is filled with freshness
she is wrapped in wonder
she smiles and all my walls
crumble like sand on a beach
she scoops it with plastic spades
she playfully buries me in it
she captures me and teases
she looks at me and considers
how can she fool with me?
how can she challenge me?
she exchanges notes on napkins
she spells her name in crayon
she tries to tell a joke, laughing
she already knows the punchline
she scowls at me with her eyes
as if I had done something to deserve it
but I did nothing wrong
she cracks up laughing
she loves learning this way
she exudes pure innocence
a gift to be protected at all costs
I can't even describe this perfect joy
of none more needed in this world
a light, a force that does deploy
and cause fatherly instincts to unfurl
this life in the heart of each little girl

— Jason Kichline

Sunday, May 24, 2009


people go rushing
motivated by fashion
driven by a gravity
flowing like water
the young and the elderly
couples and families
closeness in new love
distance in old love
small boys with
balloons in red
skipping over tiles
small Filipino girls
sharing a seat
in bright pinks
I sit on my perch
listening intently
on this creation
the sound of
living waters
flowing through
and going around
and running over
babbling soft like
a distant waterfall
barely intelligible
and full of meaning
and I sit here in pause
a calm clear pool
observing the rush
and following the flow

– Jason Kichline

You Pull On Me

you pull on me
tugging at my center 
and I try to resist you
but the cords strain
the fibers break

you pull on me
I'm wanting to enter
the chambers of you
but fearing to obtain
the dream awake

you pull on me
unknowing what's meant here
unwilling to ignore you
but speak your name
for heaven's sake

you pull on me
no longer a renter
now sharing anew
a home to contain
love unable to forsake

— Jason Kichline

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I want to touch the softness of your presence
and the mystery in the locks of your hair
I want to be mesmerized by your fragrance
as eyes gaze into love that we share
I don't want to stop holding you until
my breath is taken against my will


the van stops for the drop
lights off with game faces on
the opening door creaks
they jump out, we go in
box of forks, three rolls each
in silent shroud of night
we work diligently
giggling inside
designing patterns
of entanglement
carefully laced
but torn in haste
vehicles and tree
bend to our bent
then one final toss
a loud noise
a swift dart
a dash back
we drive past to see
what have we adorned
what have our hands done
and we blow a blast coyly
from a loud and strange horn
rusting panels and revving engines
innocent, defiant youth having fun

- Jason Kichline

Friday, May 22, 2009


I don't like this loss
my arms open too wide
my soul stretched too thin
my mind thinks it can quit any time
my heart unable to stop beats begun

I don't like this loss
my arms reach out denied
my soul seeking solace within
my mind pauses to count what's mine
my heart only able to count to one

I don't like this loss
my arms empty to provide
my soul filled up to the brim
my mind longing to at least define
my heart singing to become undone

I don't like this loss
my arms cold from trying to hide
my soul holds back from the whim
my mind reels for reasonable rhyme
my heart wanting absolutely none

I don't like this loss

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, May 21, 2009


in a room
small and messy
an apartment
tossed and unkept
like the hair of the child
living in the squalor
tangled like Barbie dolls
the place smells like
used mac and cheese
and cheap hamburger
and plastic toys
and perfume
dad is gone
at work
at the bar
but still at home
or this so called home
a child plays
learning to be a girl
without a mother
because mommy died
died of cancer
and so she learns
of womenhood from
dolls and magazines
TV and websites
and little tips
from her friends
she is young
she is vulnerable
she is impressionable
she is now home lonely
she is no longer the member
of a family as one
she is now the mother
she is now the other
at the ripe age of ten
her family no longer as one
but now her and he dad
torn into two

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


what is one?
beyond the blend
of two construed
until the end

who is one?
in which we find
the trust between us
still faithfully blind

what is one?
this distant friend
who knows me close
and I do depend

who is one?
much like the sky
romances the expanse
and unifies on high

what is one?
waters gather to a place
exuded from multitudes
and pristine pools apace

we are one
no longer two
though far apart
the heavens above
see a single heart
enrobed in love
and of that view
not me and you
but only one

– Jason Kichline

Monday, May 18, 2009


she counts to three
to let things be
no more jailing
she wants to be
set finally free

can no one see
beyond the sea
of forever failing
and her daily fee
far too steep?

she cannot see
life beyond the trees
of always inner wailing
she desires the peace
coursing deep

arms aching agree
skin broken pleas
in a hearts ailing
life and logic flee
as selfishly she
cuts into me


– Jason Kichline

Sunday, May 17, 2009


in single chairs
seating is cramped
waiting on the clock
playing with her hair
she deflects stares
from many men
in suits and ties
with their eyes
every bit

her shoes
her shoes are red
red as dark blood
blood that is hot
hot like her red
taunting the man
sitting next to her
he is unable
to stand

clock hands
in stark modernity
fumble towards
nine o' clock
waiting on the flight
so much time to kill
and grey faux leather
holds her tight
closer than the thrill
of a non-existant lover
but here she is alone
in an airport terminal
wanting to be together
but with no one
except with him
and he


the sound awakens
her senses aroused
red shoes swaying
hands splaying
on bare knees
below a skirt
and her heart
beneath her breasts
draped in auburn hair
tight sweater
black skirt
white skin
red shoes
turn towards
hands like a clock
fumbling towards nine
two strangers caught
in time

– Jason Kichline

Friday, May 15, 2009


lying in the dark
waiting and wanting
my heart lost, searching
hidden corners of silence
still darkness surrounds me
like the blankets on my bed
fog falls on the field outside
hiding the truths
revealing mysteries

uncovered like new growth
lying in the lushness of spring
causing my mind to race instead
following pathways of mere mist
ways made by a heart wandering
haze broken, thoughts pondering
to the sound of my soul screaming
echoing the silence
and closeness in distance

what is a friend?
in this day and age
as time and distance shrink
hearts united over keys and cable
as words sink into hearts and souls
nourishing us beyond the physical
caring for our emotional and spiritual
no matter how far we are apart
a friend holds us close in their heart

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, May 14, 2009


dark allure of a diminished hue
hangs in an air of exotic haze
thick with scents of one held in heat
sick with the overdose of passion

rationalization falls as evening dew
moist and wet from glistened gaze
leaving two to form one complete
through hidden dark insurrection

forbidden fruit like something new
poured out in cups like crystal craze
green foreboding fluid sugar seeps
meets moist mingling in this concoction

so the hidden place I meet with you
locked in a mystic myriad of ways
dripping slow in clouded danger sweet
sipping your crystal green intoxication

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mind Waits

my mind waits
dazed and placid
still like a winter pond
still like gentle patience
only fond breeze ripples

my mind waits
solemn and distracted
thinking with logic alone
thinking with common sense
only prone to practicality

my mind waits
ready and sedated
timid as one in the unknown
timid like a stranger on a bench
only thin bone protecting

my mind waits
anxious and aroused
wandering into the beyond
wandering outside the fence
only led by a heart seeking

– Jason Kichline


ideas rush
a mind full
feelings hush
in a poetic lull
a busyness bent
to complete tasks
stillness stays silent
a heart no longer asks
I'm afraid all I have now
is a frayed piece a thread
that holds my heart by how
well this mind thinks instead

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, May 10, 2009


imagine a love
create it from scratch
begin from above
with magic to match
my dream to employ
a faith to dispatch
a wish for her joy
a gratitude to catch
to believe in the boy
with keys to the latch

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, May 9, 2009


in an air of an evening sky
the swan spreads it's wings and takes to flight
yet we dismiss it there as just a bird
carried gracefully within our sight
not pausing from rush to wonder why
or how this creature with little might
acheives a miracle dismissed or missed
completely, blindly by our selfish fight
and by all our other senses we enlist
to ignore the truth descending as a light
or as a dove aloft upon the breeze
peaceful above all wrong and right
if we listen, we can hear, hardly heard
in the stillness of a morning bright
"this is the one with whom I'm well pleased"
a perfect miracle missed as mere flight

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Part Of You I Can't Forget

there's a part of you that harkens me
like a siren call in my memory
from years ago I remember yet
and in my mind I still can see
the part of you I can't forget

it's odd to me that such a place
can tether me through time and space
to the person whom I yearn for yet
to see your smile and feel your face
near the part of you I can't forget

to follow your lips until they crease
upon your cheekbones you release
fingers that flourish refined, and yet
brush brunette bangs back with ease
behind the part of you I can't forget

you smile shy but with a ponderous grin
make me wonder what trouble you're in
inside your mind, you're youthful yet
you break gaze with mine and so begin
to expose the part of you I can't forget

once again we find each other here and near
our hearts still fresh beyond the years
these crossing paths not departed yet

seal your essence as a spiritual sear
upon my own, for one thing I fear
that I'll forget the part I can't forget

so in words I write, expecting yet
again to see you as flesh more clear
as you tuck your hair behind your ear

– Jason Kichline


sunlight shines and quickly thaws
not just the air or ground and trees
but life in chaotic continuity cause
and all humanity unanimous agrees

radios echo off a wooden fence
in a traffic jam of hurried folks
grill smoke wafts seasonal scents
commencing actions heat provokes

lush grass green and freshly mowed
near concrete hot, white and blinding
fragrant scents of flowers flowed
into my senses ripe for guiding

we follow nature's course
much closer than we dare admit
seasons surrender us at our source
and my soul,
cold and willing,
simply submits

– Jason Kichline


echoes ring down empty chambers of musty catacombs
scents of dirt and dust in damp shield the hallowed hollow
stacked in walls,
   withered and dry,
   the wounded memories loom
and they hint to the living,
   of the unforgiving grave,
   grip and swallow

and still she follows down darkened hollow passageways,
   a torch
illuminating bones and marrow of death and sorrow,
her thoughts and feelings,
   dead and unliving,
   resulting from the search
for love or life or laughter kept thereof
   in the paths of her mind's dark keeping

the paths designed for weeping,
   wrap deep and wallow in guilt
and still she follows the shapeless specter
   carrying the flickering flame
seeking life, peace or joy amidst ancient underground ruins built
to house in unescapable lonely chambers,
   the pain and shame

so I call out her name,
   to come out from below and into the sun
to leave the quest for life in the mistakes of the past
and seek new love of light above
   because the curse of death is undone
   and answers lie within the eyes of one who calls her name at last
   and breaks free the chains that dead damned demons cast

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


mist of clouds
   hang as hair
   light as air
   flowing fair
and here enshrouds
   the brushing lips
   the desperate dips
   the passionate sips
of love disallowed
   winds reminisce
   eyes glisten in mist
   as the sky steals a kiss
from her breasts endowed
   in a somber storm
   pregnant desires form
   and her thunders perform
into a tempest aroused
   as a temptation set
   turns pounding wet
   washing away all regret
   into storms to not soon forget

– Jason Kichline


rusty steel blade plunges into earth
grinding against stones and sticks
descending simply and easily enough
into fresh and soft, moistened soil

excruciating pain is inside birthed
from outside ways and emotions mixed
feelings unfold into misshapened rough
and are buried beneath the tepid toil

the weight of want and waiting worth
is lowered below the pulsing ticks
of a heart pretending to be tough
of a soul longing to be loyal

so I bury alive the joy and mirth
unmarked grave of friends unfixed
for planting pain and sorrowful stuff
curled and placed into a fetal coil
to grow within this hearten soil

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bed For Two

made from dirt
a bed for two
dirty couch parts
planks of wood
uprooted trees
picked wildflowers
mud caked walls
rags and filth
bags for warmth
behind the house
beside the bushes
vanilla room scent
to remove the stench
of decay and shame
do you want the very same?
do we hide in hidden bliss?
do we abide in a filthy kiss?
then elevate this bed for two
into the chamber of the known
for love is stronger than the grave
why make this place of misbehave
for inside as one we already are
not like a dog but as a prince
let's go inside to my bedroom
into the place I call my own
and draw closer to near from afar
wrapped in satin and silken robes
in bed and linen soft and rich
making love as an overflow
of love inside fit to know

– Jason Kichline


a simple smooth and perfect rock
a single stone surrounded by sand
seen from beneath to face the sun
seen by feet on which to stand
above from below to feel them run
above from depths to seal the walk
shine like toes adorning perfect feet
shine like prose amidst the poems
round and battered by the waves
round and polished to perfect domes
captured by sunlight that she craves
captured by rays that make her complete
smooth and round it shines as seen above
smooth it shines as captured, raptured love

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, May 2, 2009


tossed in time from heavens high
upon the night time sorrow sigh
sing to breezes blowing near
and shake the grip of lonely fear
as new to you, we wonder why
the fates have found us equal here


weather shapes his face
a kind smile pulled easily
on golden cords of love
skin tanned from long labor
expanding kingdoms takes work
tilling soil among the valley
wrinkles grace his countenance
each blemish has a life story
each crease containing wisdom
ask, kick back and bask in it
he sits thinking silent and caring
silver locks draped upon his crown
like shrubs encircling a holy place
two cool ponds of calm and peace
reflecting like azure glass and light
overflowing to see his glory's might
and flood the valley with nutrients
these springs begin to lap their edges
strong worn hands pinch the source
but a smile cracks with laughter too
as his daughter leans and snuggles in
tickling his arm on the tender part
glad to have daddy here so close
and held even closer in her heart
a father daughter love that doesn't fail
flowing from within a man named Dale

– Jason Kichline

Friday, May 1, 2009


the rain falls slow
wipers go to and fro
slick the wet
of gray regret
soggy in my simple trip
whip the water away from it
to get to where I go and set
the gray of day gone in a blip
pain as rain from friendship rip
tears detained again attain
to loose their grip

– Jason Kichline


may the birds of night and night of dawn
   sing the ancient sound of song
may the rain of air and the air of sky
   fall to find ground in reply
may the buds of trees and the trees of earth
   flourish as ingeminate vernal rebirth
may the day of new and the new of year
   begin a fresh season sprung to adhere
may the rush of reprieve and the reprieve of decay
   flee from our lives in the presence of May