Thursday, April 30, 2009


so busy we say always
griping and groaning
life seems so bland

too busy for kids
   to smile
   to laugh
   to play catch

too hot for roaming
   to wander
   to marvel
   to remember

we work and we toil
against wind and the soil
to harvest what will spoil

the afflicted cry
the children die
and do we even try?

or have we become
   too obsessed
   too posessed
   too distressed

and busy?

Jason Kichline

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


my ideas shut off like a tap
place the cup under the drip
gather drops of unsordid sap
and distill until it forms a quip

sticky sweet, the dew of hearts
seeps from deep under the skin
spilt from slits made in the bark
like lifeblood coursing deep within

collect it then upon the page
like liquid pooling in the pail
checking gently just to gauge
if feelings as writing still prevail

and yet it does if bothered once
again to check the wallowed wound
the precious sap of hurts and wants
still pours from my heart
pierced and pruned

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


tender and soft
they rest atop her
carried like mercy
and cradled with care
warm and inviting
to rest my weary head
and be told everything
will be alright instead
an innate provision
to provide for the young
and a mysterious attraction
to all the older ones
who seek sensual satisfaction
as comfort drawn in curves
that is what my eyes observe

– Jason Kichline


beside in bed she lays her head
short and shallow breaths
sounds of slumber steady
restfully wrangling ready
to cease the curse of deaths
the violent visions playing
the drama of dropping dread
simple sessions of self slaying
of the living losing to the dead
a broken record in her head

beside in bed, a women wed
air stutters fragile from her nose
woeful whimpers here are heard
shaking simpler fears absurd
dreams of scenes she never chose
over and over as terror staying
knowing already what's ahead
slowing sweaty sheets, delaying
a nocturnal struggle wrapped in red
and so I snuggle her instead

beside in bed, she's gently led
with a tender touch and nothings said
with a simple kiss upon her head
brought back to living from the dead

– Jason Kichline

Monday, April 27, 2009


we didn't think much of Harry
he sort of hobbled just hanging on
aged as if his years had been stolen

he reached the pulpit

opened his bible and mouth
pulled his pen from his pocket
as if he was starting his work day

he was

gruff, worn and heavy accented
he wove a deep and tattered tapestry
seventy four years and thirty seven cheering

we listened

he called them golden nuggets
and read the bits and pieces like an old tale
savoring each word of God like it was his last

we leaned in

he grew up in a cardboard box
his address was under an overpass bridge
rats and cockroaches became his only friends

he wept

his daddy didn't love him
daddy raped each of his sisters
daddy beating each of his brothers
mama just stood by too drunk to help

he cleared his throat

declaring that each crumb of bread broken
has the power of God to truly transform lives
he licked his fingers and drew each to his mouth

he is the real deal folks

drinking and smoking and robbing
hating and running from the cops
and with a gun in his pocket he entered

he has done it all

the church was full of laughter
and up at the alter he got anointed with oil
precious blood that changed Harry into Harry

he was never the same

he screams and shouts and dances about
hands flail as if he is a black belt master
energy beyond what I could muster

he isn't the same

we learned that day that Harry is different
that Harry cares so much for the lonely and lost
and that Harry doesn't care how much things cost

he has everything he needs

old and bold he walked up to a man
pointed and called him out on his life
one trying to escape without being found

but Harry knew

and that day another soul too scared
came up front, accepted and publicly shared
in a joy this man carries like the pen in his pocket

because Harry went to work that day
   and just as he saved his mother
   and his father before the grave
he wasn't coming home empty handed today

– Jason Kichline

Create Love

I want to create love with you
from scratch as you and I
the raw ingredients
worked and mixed
folded and kneaded
sweet sugar and oil
basked in smooth flour

I want to create love with you
and slowly let the dough rise
firm and supple in relationship
forged in the oven
steam rises from heat
butter hot and flowing
filling each crevice on your body

I want to create love with you
with every ounce of my being
to fill you with every part
and take it all from me
my heart
my soul
my mind

they work in unison to pleasure you
why not keep them for your own?
I want to create love deep in you
and spend a lifetime retrieving it

I want to create love

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, April 26, 2009


she stands
and understands
eyes shut and seeing
hands empty and receiving
arms outstretched embracing

she stands
heart demands
eyes wet with crying
throat dry with sighing
fingers clenched with prying

she stands
flag in her hands
skin dry and aching
body tired and shaking
heart broken and breaking

she kneels
as need reveals
tears fall streaming
soul silently screaming
reaching for the redeeming

she kneels
to him appeals
dark and beautiful
her form flowing hopeful
for her lover's lips delightful

he kneels

beside her and feels
with a heart that heals
caressing her earthly issues
loving in a way she can't refuse
tenderly passing her church tissues

– Jason Kichline

Love Falls

you may not have realized
   you may not have known
because my deep struggle
   has never been shown
since the last time we met
   and our painful depart
I have carried you quiet
   within my hurt heart

sometimes I question
   why God had us meet
what was the impression
   that led to replete
and where the accession
   that made us complete
and the final transgression
   that led to retreat

and now in your absence
   whether far or apart
my soul drops me hints
   towards the place in my heart
that's not been the same since
   you built up those walls
this pain makes my love wince
   as it once again falls

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Cross

from early age
we went to church
in our Sunday best
pastels and pretty shoes
a handsome boy
a cute little girl

sitting silent in tiny chairs
taught with pictures
songs and rhyme and games
colored paper cutouts
drawing hands with markers
little bibles with pictures
shepherd Jesus with his flock
white paper on the tables

we learned the meaning of the cross
sanitized for fragile minds
that Jesus died for our sins
that we can go to heaven

we learned what God can do for us
if we would only
   remove our hats
   bow our heads
   fold our hands
   close our eyes
   and pray
   and beg

then maybe God would answer
because we agreed with the teacher
   and drew the pictures
   and read the words
   and got a gold star
   and behaved

the cross was a symbol
   that we learned to draw
   that we learned to recognize
   that we learned could save us
      but why?

we wear the cross upon our neck
we hang it high above the alter
we sear it into our iconic store
we lose it's meaning to
   praying hands
   pretty shoes
   pastel colors
   golden stars
   and being good

but the cross is so much more
than a sign of our pretty club
than a symbol of pastel perfection
but rather an invitation to the flawed
   to lay down our lives
   to share in sacrifice
   two nails in hands
   two nails in feet
   two die in pain

it's not about bowed heads
it's not about nodding amen
it's not the right answers
its not the gold stars
it's loving unto death
it's living unto others

we hang by hands horizontal
we spread out our arms
   to embrace one another
   to encourage each other
   to join hands united

we fasten our feet vertical
we lift our heads toward heaven
as our feet drip blood to the ground
   to draw humanity towards heaven
   to call the eternal kingdom to earth
   to swing wide the ancient gates
   to tear the veil between
      the holy and us

once we see the simplicity
   of two planes that intersect
we understand the gravity
   that God is not what we expect
but calls us to lay down our dignity
   and scream in pain and to affect
this world in a tangible reality
   for a terrestrial resurrect

– Jason Kichline


words cannot express the meaning of the word
the something to be felt over something to be heard
flowing from the place between the two souls blurred

to most it's sounds like music, to most is is absurd
to sing praises for no reason, onward invisibly spurred
the air around us thickens, the air around us stirred

worry falls like wax around the newly ignited flame
lighting up beyond the stage as eternal ways proclaim
fingers flinch and fling at keys, white and black the same

two voices weave and heighten, backing up the claim
focusing sight on heaven and not the earthly shame
shouting power in vocals by shouting out his name
a name through which all who hear attribute to his fame

carried by the coming rapture, carried by the sun
lifted upon beams appearing from atmosphere undone
cedars surround perfect stone, and gold covers the one
basking as the Lord begins to echo what has begun

Friday, April 24, 2009


as a wanderer myself, as she walked by
we met our gaze and I wondered why
that she so strong, in a confident stride
had tears inside she could hardly hide

seasons of beauty and pain I see
unsure of which attracts more to me
but as she walked near to this divide
I saw into her and what she could be

dark and lovely she shines in darkness
pushed hidden deep in the secret abyss
yet to be discovered and to gently confide
to me, her sorrows, and a deathly kiss

for as she passed, I could hardly stand
to avoid her eyes that silently demand
for me to untie and endlessly provide
a torrid passion and to hold her hand

I paused and lingered to admire the view
and caught a glimpse of her purity renewed
abides, the one denied and died her guide
we winked and grinned as in love collude
and what better way is there to conclude?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wedding Dream

calloused fingers
pluck and linger
over strings

he starts by caressing
his heart confessing
over things

on a stage
without age
unto the crowd

a love song carried
to themselves married
unto the vowed

her virgin feet
dance so sweet
from her rest

striking sounds
in whitened gowns
from her breast

they together meet
in summer heat
before their friends

guitar and violin
their song begins
before it ends

the crowd erupts
as joy interrupts
the cares of earth

the two are one
the curse undone
the wares of mirth

bridesmaids dance
drunk in romance
among the guests

groomsmen stand
with long pipes in hand
among the zest

then on a cue
with much ado
ascending as a choir

from their pipes
come flames that wipe
ascending us higher

fire falls down
on all those around
igniting their parts

the maids flutter and twirl
as the spirit flames swirl
igniting their hearts

and standing above
so much in love
and united in bliss

a lover and his church
call off the eternal search
and unite in a kiss

– Jason Kichline


the rush of each thought
moves my mind to wake
like damp furniture shoved
by waters of the flood
each moment caught
for each moment's sake
by a soul that has loved
deeper than the mud
why is it yours that's sought
for more true love to make
like sending out a dove
to gather a growing bud
from a world that is taught
to give only that which you take
but I call you forever beloved
the one awakened in my blood

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Heart's Desire

my heart's desire
   is to know love
      to map the paths to it
      to build the bridges
      to clean the trails

my heart's desire
   is to show love
      to teach the patterns
      to be the definition
      to become it

my heart's desire
   is to sow love
      to till up hardened soil
      to plant it gently
      to guard it

my heart's desire
   is to grow love
      to ensure the sun shine
      to pull the weeds
      to water it

my heart's desire
   is to go love
      to not wait for the opportunity
      to defend the defenseless
      to take the offensive

my heart's desire
   is to flow love
      to have it seep from my veins
      to have it writ on my arm
      to hold it in my hands
      to show in my eyes
      to speak words
      to have it
      to be it

my heart's desire
   is love

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


look and see
   on the horizon
      a tidal wave
coming from a distance
originating from
   the source of shaking
      the epicenter of quaking
in an ocean of grace
against the strongholds
   the walls
      the breakwaters
         the structures of man
tearing down
   utter devastation
      nothing can stop it
it reclaims in vengeance
   drawing creation back to itself
as land is created from the sea
   and so to the sea it returns
as mankind made from the dirt
   life returns to the mud
love as a force of nature
   repaying in full
      filling the void
   by pain
   my pain
   as a wall of love
   all from above

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I listened and I think I know
I hear and I sink although
I stay wanting to go

empty words that ring around
empty phrases flinging nods
empty minds entertained

words are colored in connotation
words assembled for satisfaction
words confusing a congregation

my words cannot be contained
my fear of nothingness abounds
my day of longing to hear God

where is the sustenance?
where is the sustenance?
where is the substance?
where is the relevance?

where are the brass tacks?
because this rant of rhetoric lacks

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earthy Romance

cool breeze carries
scents unrecognized
flowing from tall trees
budding under starry skies

cool of night rises
off an itchy ground
distant insect sirens
echo an ancient sound

serenading each flower
aroused in evening song
releasing vernal power
to those planted among

and here I lay among them
abiding in the trance
capturing the anthem
as the lovers dance
calming any tantrum
in this earthy romance

and as I lie on bedding
crawling beneath my form
I sense the bride of wedding
dark rose and pungent warm
a scent untold but heading
into a forbidden storm

– Jason Kichline


the core
not hidden
but exposed
worn outside
aroused love
once asleep
formed of

sowing a seed that is hot
flowing freedom I got
unrelenting desire
externally caught
the inner desire
sightless sought
what you require
not as spirit taught
but as my flesh on fire
raw and already wrought

– Jason Kichline

Friday, April 17, 2009


beyond you
beyond all things
beyond words off lips
beyond feelings expressed
beyond my still beating heart

beyond me
beyond reach
beyond rationale
beyond understanding
beyond fluttering butterflies

beyond us
beyond me
beyond you
beyond free
beyond true
beyond trust

– Jason Kichline


deep springs flow forth from deep
pure and refined and undisturbed
overflowing, permeating - seep
perfect in clarity and color
from one side to another
across the great sea

oceans of this pure love
float as others hold account
let love be collected to one place
the church that finds it too full
who can't take more of God
will perish then
amen and amen

perhaps they are growing
to sit upon a raft begun
to not flail in the flowing
but rest and float within
grace and love and power
allow it to consume our sin
and today let it begin

but looking around
the water gets ahead
that pure and perfect flow
polluted by the world
scaring those searching
frightening the righteous

do you see?
do you know?
touch my lips
touch my soul
for you, o daughter
wonderful and pure
soak for no reason
ignore the impurity
added by the world
for a fresh outpouring
bringing health to a nation

and finally...
some tell that we needed it
and they are credited with honesty
but know that you can't be in it
without getting a little dirty
don't doubt the clean source
get more enthusiastic now

o daughter don't fear
that the water isn't clear
it still cleanses us here
as you float in a bucket
be in it but not of it
despite sin, love it
you're love, let it

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kill Me

kill me
bury me
the parts
the desires
burnt away
all that's left
is the actual me
a solid foundation
a glimmering jewel
a righteous pure soul
unhindered by humanity
uncontained by expectation
released from a raw temptation
only because God provides a way
only because Christ is truth
only because of a Word
called in wilderness
spoken clearly
beckons me

– Jason Kichline

Before I Die

how I wish I were like grass
reaching upwards towards the sky
with clouds and shadow sun is cast
and I'd stretch upwards as you walk by
I have to touch you before I die

with each blade of mine I stroke your skin
pain and pleasure delicately applied
with each movement of your heel begins
another passionate groan of creation's sigh
I have to touch you before I die

I tickle between each precious toe
longing to grow and touch your thigh
I tingle your passion into throes
and squeeze love out as tormented cries
I have to touch you before I die

and so you pass from light to shade
and forever under foot I'll try
to cut to climax with each fresh blade
as I graze upon your underside
I have to touch you before I die

– Jason Kichline


the seed that has died
scattered from on high
lands and burrows inside
the soil of a field to buy
which is my heart
O Lord, why?

the seed of life, the word
surrounding faith, a flame
in poverty enough to afford
the way to never be the same
to drive a stake into our claim

child who grows in fertile womb
taking root and grows within
life taken from without to bloom
time taken from old as new begins
contained within stretching skin

when time has come, fruit is ripe
the sweet is plucked from the vine
and birthed in pain with tears to wipe
the child of the most divine
pressed and aged into new wine

we carry Christ inside of us
born of seed from faithful strain
growing slow in a walk of trust
labored forth a joy ordained
born again in spiritual gain

new creation, creating new
from tiny drops of divine dew
springing prisms of every hue
beyond the death that we once knew
as deep inside our salvation grew

– Jason Kichline


the pain is too great
to watch beautiful lives
wanting to die

the lost have loss
as hope falls asleep
in wonderful minds

I am awake to this
watching in horror
as the enemy feeds

how can I convince them?
they are the one sheep
they are the field with treasure

wake me again Lord
from selfish slumber
flesh is weak, but spirit...

buy the whole field
dig just below the surface
finding their absolute worth

numbers count down
three rather than two
then one to one

come to me
take weight out of your bag
don't fake safe and strength

know you are loved
I've never met you
only the tears wept for you

but I pray daily
for the hidden hurt
that you will see clearly

that I will be able to hold you
in the here and now reality
and not just in wakened dreams

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


thin wires that are barely seen
hold me fast to this place
my soul longs to fly
my self longs to die
my eyes open to seek your face

wings pull me toward the sky
my spirit longs of more to taste
but reminders of this fallen world
like harsh gravity spiraling hurled
calling off heaven's kingly chase

to birth as a destiny unfurled
means to cut the cord that keeps
and focus inner eyes above
ascending on the winds of love
and riding on a faith that leaps

do I even dare to speak thereof
about this body worn and weathered
able to carry to term what I believe
knowing that God's spirit has conceived
and waits for me to become untethered

– Jason Kichline

Monday, April 13, 2009


as we sense our time approaching
as it marches steady, greedily on
the church denies this encroaching
but caught awake a feel mostly gone

we will always in writing remember you
as the one with all the doubt
but I figure this was the only way through
all in questions finding out

some say that you did not in faith believe
but I know you sought Jesus' face
not how or why or will in time receive
but by here and now in touch and taste

in quiet contemplation now
I shift to worship in the mind
with everything I humbly bow
unwrapping the mysteries that I find

that the kingdom is within our grasp
heaven awaits here what has been lost
a man's spirit in presence picking at the hasp
fixing his eyes not on what has been missed
nor setting his hopes on a future clasp
but on the reality now as seen by Thomas

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, April 12, 2009


you came to me
spoke so softly
touched so gentle
eyes so captivating

I will never forget
the day I met you
because it was the day
I started living

I had some issues
a few you could say
but you knew more
you knew each by name

seven you proclaimed
seven demons inside
and you spoke to each
firm and fearless

to stress you said
share the load
cast your burdens
come unto me

to depression you said
take heart for you
who are poor in spirit
will be with me in heaven

to bipolar you said
you are my rock
when the storms come
you look me in the eyes

to schizophrenia you said
listen only to my words
for I am the way
for I am the light

to anger you said
have a peace deep
transcending knowing
to simply go strong

to anorexia you said
let's get together
and share a meal
my beautiful daughter

to phobia you said
do not be afraid
and do be encouraged
to face fear with fire

but today was the day
that I faced my worst fear
because you were gone
and I was not with you

I thought I was crazy
to find the tomb empty
a great stone rolled away
replaced with evidence

but that was the day
that I began truly living
you walked right into
my sealed empty heart

you became truly alive
you made your home
you removed death
you left worship

all I want now
is to touch you
is to cling to you
just one more time

to feel you
to taste you
to smell you
to know you

oh my God why
does it seem that I
can't get enough of you
when all I want is more

every fiber of my being
aches and pants after you
to keep you for my own
to love you in my home

oh my God why
does it seem to be
that you a mere guy
are so heavenly to me?

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, April 11, 2009


in a darkened room, a light did shine
and passing one by one along
the light drew near and ignited mine
and shone so bright over my wrong

my neighbors are gladdened by the light
joy illumined, emitting from
smiles flickering on faces bright
stand together on fire as one

then summoned all to outen the flame
and most like others blew on theirs
but we stood childlike to stake the claim
to hold our light as long as we dare

as the candles throughout the whole place
extinguished ceasing to peer pressure
we held our ground to state our case
to shine despite the dark usher

around each person tried in vain
to blow our fire off the wick
we stood as strangers with one aim
to always relight each candlestick

minutes passes and giggling glee
kept this light for thousands to see
rebellious against the darkened sea
to help each other shine light as we

– Jason Kichline


my heart is wandering
looking for it's mate
it cries out "where?"
over and over again
endlessly repeating
in quiet silence
aching for you

my heart has a need
a need to be complete
as if separation is a disease
and you are the only antidote
why have you been chosen?
why does it choose you?
why do you fill the void?

but you do
I am dry and thirsty
and you are a deep drink
I want to gulp you
I want you part of me
to bring life back
to my parched lips

is this addiction good?
how can an addiction be?
but just in writing this poem
the intense longing subsides
but comes back quick enough
as my eyelids laugh to hide
the aching sleeping inside

– Jason Kichline

Friday, April 10, 2009


dark dimmed, heads are bowed
a preacher man with humble clout
with passion filling ears about
holy truths only I can hear

my mind flags this as disallowed
my being desires this truth to shout
a still voice calming all my doubt
a whisper patient, familiar, clear

a simple call made to the crowd
to raise a hand, but not to tout
to step forward in another route
and dispel the atmosphere of fear

worship pulsates souls endowed
touched on my shoulders by devout
and pray confession, a pouring out
ushered home to a Father near
to see in His eyes a joy sincere
as salvation drops as one more tear

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, April 9, 2009


could I ever tire
of waking slowly
from calm sleep
into a dream

as blurred eyes open
and tense legs stretch
the night evaporates
leaving only the dawn

the sound of nature
a heavenly choir
birds perched random
calling and cooing
an endless refrain
of praise to their maker

filling my ears
emptying pride
a day to do the same
and find my perch
and open my mouth
and spread my wings
and worship

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


you wear a simple sundress
of loud, white and floral print
breeze and sun combine to hint
drawing my gaze to confess
at your body naked underneath
a fabric light and loose caressing
little stands between undressing

you are natural and vulnerable
awakening my carnal senses
lowering my weak defenses
with an intrinsic instinctive call
to protect and cherish above all
and to know and touch each curve
and heighten pleasure upon each nerve

you walk and dance around me
your feet bare and sensual
your stride swift and gentle
your knees flirting with me
your eyes moist like fresh dew
shimmering desire from your face
with legs made eager to embrace

submitting, nature does begin
ten toes pointed, touching sky
as wildflowers awaiting evening lie
tumbling with the rushing wind
you flow in patterns beautiful
your stem arching to again revive
what is rooted, aching deep inside

basking in the light of sun
smiling and laughing without care
cool breezes playing with your hair
knowing what is cannot be undone
because man's desire to love more true
can grow beyond a passion natural
when fantasy realized unveils the actual

– Jason Kichline

Monday, April 6, 2009


rare is the man
   who cares for all others
      never retiring from truth

you inspired me
   a selfless teacher
      and caring father
you admonished us
   firm and unwavering
      disciplining us in love
you believed in us
   early morning meetings
      with powdered donuts and coffee
you told us you were proud
   and we looked up to you
      and you never looked down

but today our hearts sank
   as we heard the terrible news
      that your time had tragically come

you devoted your life to others
   and yet in death you were alone
      an inappropriate silence
you now gaze towards heaven
   as we look down in our disbelief
      at a man who touched so many
you had life and gave it to the full
   your raw wisdom guided children
      your tender warmth brought smiles
you will not be quickly forgotten
   for as long as I have breath and blood
      I carry a part of your spirit inside of me

rare is the man
   who cares for another
      forever inspiring a youth

– Jason Kichline


she came to me in the night
mascara stained cheeks
eyes flushed with pain
dealing no longer possible
where is her escape hatch?
where is the self destruct button?
she merely wants happiness
she does not want to stare
into the emptiness
into the dark void
but it is there
staring back

she reaches out
two hands shaking
one hand holding drink
one with pills for dreaming
to sleep without end
to end the torment
but she searches
she finds me
why me?

because I was the gift
because I was prompted
because I heard from above
because I listened and loved

I told her the truth
I told her of love
I held her in spirit
I wiped her face dry

a husband without love
a roommate alone
a man too selfish
to feel her deep pain
to remember her birthday
to know the color of her eyes
to hold the brokenness

I long to do something more
I wish I could take away the pain
I hope one day I can show her

come Lord, love your beloved
that she may romance you

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, April 4, 2009


she hobbles in from
handicapped parking
alone with a cane

she reserves a table for one
and reads of love from a book
metallic purple with cursive titles
yellowed pages worn with passion
eyes trapped behind thick glasses
straggled matted grey locks
frame an imprisoned mind

she orders
thick sausage gravy
sauce over home fries
intently delivered to her lips
like kisses from her only lover

she meets him here every Saturday
for an intimate rendezvous of disillusion
making love to pictures in her mind
caressing pages like familiar skin
thriving on sustenance of death

– Jason Kichline

Friday, April 3, 2009


   to a crescendo
      like cymbals rolling
      like waves crashing
invisible glory comes
   visiting the trees
   embracing the seas
all of creation screaming
   alive and forever returning
      to Her maker
      to Her lover
clouds hurry to worship
   as vapored oneness
birds of the air chasing
   calling out to each
in your sanctuary
   my ears capturing
   my eyes remembering
   my nostrils sensing smells
this is the glory of the Lord
   a great tabernacle of skies
   a grand hall of mountains
   a royal tapestry of heather
not built by human hands
   not imagined in our minds
but built by the mouth of God
   commanded from active words
for us alone
   to dwell here
      on earth
so God
   can dwell near
      within us

– Jason Kichline


moist drops fall
glancing off glass
warm breeze teases
pushing and pulling all
sweet rushing sustenance

trees sway tall
new buds aching
deep roots slaking
spoken words cease
releasing this chance

under shroud of night
the light of spring comes
heard as nature moaning
as gleaming blue skies
caress the fertile earth

staring through winter
cold and unwavering
patiently waiting
now savoring the sighs
releasing deep yearnings

the heavens weep
with joy overflowing
as earth and air meet
from across the room

eyes staring
souls sharing
hearts tearing

once sought as a distant face
now caught in rapture's embrace
love hurried as seasons make haste
to unleash the hidden taste of grace

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Only Child

a womb holding two
a young mother endowed
caressing her stretched skin
in circles, comforting unborn
encouraging them to nurture

the two yearn for life
awakening young parents
proud hands touch the womb
excited for the unknown
to be birthing two soon

a destined day come true
the new family arriving proud
hurried to the place to begin
but soon hopes and dreams are torn
changing forever the future

the two fight for life
shaking nerves of horrid torments
as skilled hands enter a sterile room
piecing together lives strewn

the time that two are due
as one arrives, cries aloud
the other dies quiet within
a joyous womb turned to tomb

the two hold a single life
aching serves their torrid lament
chilled hearts beating presume
a life united taken too soon

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I would have to write many poems
   to describe just who you are
each one would only reveal a portion
   of your beauty
   of your mystery
like a diamond
   coerced from the depths
   freed from the clutches of hardness
   torn from dark and broken history
peered from beneath the cutter's lens
   each fragile facet
      surrounding the pure
   gracing clarity with prisms
      dancing light into my eyes
who can describe this light?
   perhaps it's source
      or rather the reflection
yet you reflect so many ways to me
   different times
   different angles
   different situations
you are precious
   kept on my finger
to forever remind me
   of our eternal unity

– Jason Kichline


am I a fool?
   as the ways of wisdom I seek
   but I find my knowledge is weak
   for my many thoughts cannot speak

am I a fool?
   to veer from the normal course
   and seek love's power at it's source
   with no vacant rooms left for remorse

am I a fool?
   to act as a child in innocent play
   to mock temptation as mere cliche
   or live in grace not what rules portray

am I a fool?
   to get nearer to other people's pains
   to reveal the hurt coursing in their veins
   and to feel the weight heavy of their chains

am I a fool?
   when their past battles I long to fight
   when their present sins I deem as alright
   and their future potentials I wish to ignite

am I fool?
   I hope that I am one
   I hope on a faith begun
   I hope in damages undone
   I hope in the wisdom of none

– Jason Kichline