Tuesday, March 31, 2009


from here
to her mouth
from friendship
trusted and gentle
tested with fire that
we fear and focus upon
and prove through a flame
that under flesh burned away
is pure gold refined by a furnace
holding hands succumb to sure heat
stepping closer to the edge of the abyss

set sights
higher than
stars at night
higher than you
greater than earth
to conquer that which
we're more conquerers as
the chains have been broken
because God's voice has spoken
so that as broken beings we accept
being holy, no boundary overstepped
in evening rendezvous an invitation sent
accepted, because we trust the pure intent

– Jason Kichline

Monday, March 30, 2009


it visits with unwelcome auspice
as strength fades in twilight
it creeps into my thoughts
places I dare not desire
to destroy the good
to steal purity
to attack
to eat

our eyes fixed on things of heaven
easily drawn toward the world
my gaze falls south of yours
as if cruel gravity powers
my will to be a brother
desires instead lover
a pure intention
living within
love of

how do I escape this prison of skin
so thin yet holds me tighter still
as strong chains wrap a soul
our souls desiring to arise
to find another in air
breathe deeper you
without shame
sin or blame
just child

intentions are a tricky thing declared
preparing to battle with hypocrisy
donning the armor and sword
commanding the falsehood
to flee foreign land of
the strangers who
rest in promise
of this place
our home
it's not

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, March 28, 2009


children gathering
skipping and jumping

holding hands and hearts
twirling and joining elbows

falling down all around
rolling in dust of the ground

shouting in raw energy
screaming our intimacy

a father stands tall
above watching us all

– Jason Kichline

Mother Wise

as a mother wise
with loving eyes
she touched the lives
of three of us

pressed to his heart
to a son impart
to perform his art
in boldness

three men stood near
to humbly hear
the message clear
in oddness

a grandfather in life
who senses the strife
with heart crying rife
to know them

a father new
for the lost he views
to embrace men too
and hold them

and a son to sing
with his life offering
to walk towards the king
and show them

the voice of God
through a mother's nod
comes at times most odd
while we listen

for His plan is heard
though seemingly absurd
in stern motherly words
of wisdom

– Jason Kichline

Friday, March 27, 2009

In Worship

mighty is the Lord
and worthy to be praised
and though you are strong
you summon the weak
for you alone are holy
you encourage the meek
to dance sacrifice and sing songs
with hands lifted as worship is raised
and you then motion us forward

toward a throne of glory we move
as a royal priesthood and not the same
set aside to seek your heart
changed and chosen to do your will
for you alone are holy
you lift our heads and hold us still
clothed in robes to dress the part
we leave to love and heal the lame
for we have faith as those you choose

– Jason Kichline

Morning Dew

your skin shimmers in softness
like the fog radiating off the river
as mist rising from the waters
from deep flowing streams
warmth clashes with cold air
dripping tears from the heavens
they trickle down my face
and are sweet to my taste

– Jason Kichline


seeking for weeks
searching the corners
of my heart and mind

blind, I did not find
the treasure hidden
in chests confined

heart aching
trust breaking
friend forsaking

hot pangs of distraught
of not knowing the cause
or what you had thought

blot dark of the sin forgot
that had this anguished effect
of the unknown blemish sought

hurt waking
hands shaking
emotions quaking

among glad voices sung
sat I weeping within at war
fighting battles not yet won

then slung sideways from my tongue
was a desperate call for a perfect peace
to fall fresh from heaven on friendship young

love making
claim staking
dawn breaking

then simple words flowed again
from lips humbled by patient time
and turning a new page to begin

within my chest to my chagrin
unlocked the treasure finally found
and upon squeaky hinges was opened

thirst slaking
life making
of joy

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Accidental Transgression

injured from what had happened then
we isolate from each other now
waiting for the wound to mend
that I have reinjured somehow

somehow I've transgressed you once again
in an accidental act meant as love
instead I tread on your heart opened
perceived by you as a persistent shove

so talk to me before I bend
before I break from this trying strain
don't allow this day to come to end
until we speak with no more to gain
but healing that God wants us attain
from love our hearts cannot contain

– Jason Kichline

New Beginnings

rain drenches cold ground
like the ache of our pasts
winter stagnates into grey
lifeless forms that life casts

a moon invisible in nighttime sky
enshrouded in cloud and dreary rain
darkened, slides into newborn day
through a heaven strewn with pain

a restlessness rises in the west
a child knowing no fear or doubt
shines the joy of wondrous ways
breaking silence with victory's shout

cold now pass, dark now flee
why worry we, responsibility?
unchain us from the weary fray
and let us fly in light of day

for the tale of stars is plain to see
the change of course of history
prayers flow for love in destiny
and friendship close as we can be

– Jason Kichline

Monday, March 23, 2009


in silence, her soul cries
weeping over this tragic fate
mourning the death of a liitle girl
as her lust for life fades withering
dying inside her is the adventurer
for the sake of a false love
now called names like

betrayal like a dagger driven deep
she is constantly reminded of her
mistake in giving him her word
not understanding the prison
she had created for her soul

she longs to build a home
but the cold, dark, dank cell
is an atmosphere that doesn't
look or feel or taste or smell
list anything warm, inviting
like the home she knew
like place she grew

she curls up fetal in a corner
protecting what's left of herself
an animal with unfulfilled needs
she is as a spring wound tightly
desperate, desiring release
deserving to be sprung
this tormented twisting
wrapped in pleasure
to be unraveled


in the subtle hues of deepened twilight
the cares of day are consumed by night
and shadows cast from a full moon insist
on dancing in the taunting light

in shade of crimson glow of old
we sit solitary as new wings unfold
and drink deep together in the midst
of a longing to behold and hold

both how and why have no say
about that rush of trespass grey
and while for awhile we did exist
now I am blessed to love this way

I am forever glad that we have met
to awaken my inner desire and abet
a hidden hunger for food to subsist
on true love that lives without regret

– Jason Kichline


with time passing each breaking dawn
we become well aware of time worn on
like moments drifting in the morning mist
we clutch the minutes before they're gone

while time sings its haunting song
our bodies warmed in life belong
distance forces meetings missed
as our aching hearts beat along

both when and where have no chains
that bind two souls in these remains
of our skin and flesh fighting to resist
as pure love rushes through our veins

but your fear is that others will forget
the lone life you share without regret
but I know sealed within our holy kiss
was a permanence of love's silhouette

– Jason Kichline

Where Are You?

   we wish to make it on our own
   in paths taken towards the unknown

   in the sparse underbrush barely hidden
   vulnerable and flawed, revealed as human

   from the one who knows our position
   aware of our heart's weak condition

   to those with ears to hear
   in creation, a creator drawn near

   as His children fade into view
   in love, "child, where are you?"

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, March 22, 2009


a conflict
a struggle
a battle of wills
she stares ahead unfazed
the mental challenge, reacting
but with whom does she wrestle?

only against the doubt
herself tying up the knots
captured in her own bedsheets
unable to escape this call
paralyzed and pulled

the war rages, waged inside
her mind solving unknown riddles
invented fresh, new each morning
when will final rest finally come?
from this incessant need for control

so be still
to be still and know
to let go of the chains
to release the constraints
to wrestle for the blessing
to hold onto the eternal

she struggles here alone in the dark
not knowing how to handle the spark

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, March 21, 2009


innocent remnants remain
unrestained by worldly worry
hurrying into the atmosphere
as fear hides for a little while

I smile each and every time I hear
the cheer of inner joy emerging
surging forth as an overflowing
knowing that true beauty inside
resides precious as child wonder
under skin lies this beauty deep

so keep holding it, don't let it go
knowing this gift is truly of you...

to carry a pure and perfect peace
like art as cherished as childhood squiggles
is your heart unveiled as pure, nervous giggles

– Jason Kichline

Friday, March 20, 2009


timid she steps silent across the floor
toes searching the way forward
agile pads of feet swoop toward
an empty hall filled with silence
darkness against the walls

her pale skin shines in moonlight
one with nature glowing
hidden like a new moon
humbly reflecting light
thoughts rushing in night

she thinks herself lowly
a young woman of plain beauty
but her reserve becomes intrigue
it beckons to be explored
like stars in a night sky

can her beauty be unlocked?
can her mystery be charted?
can her heart be opened?
can what I see be imparted?

I long to see this light revealed
and glisten off her fair complexion
like radiance surrounding glory
a woman not of vain conceit
but as a new sprig of spring
humbly sprouting through frost
basking in the warmth of budding
reviving timid beauty lost

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, March 19, 2009


feet touch ground
as interaction ordinary
yet most profound
a worn, calloused heel
strikes earth abruptly
intimate with the feel
of hot dust and cinder
pressing against arches
and working unhindered
caked among holy toes
the worthy segments
of mere existance chose
as humble humanity
and clothed as us
He walked as divinity
yet nobody understood
that the creator of all
who declared "it was good"
now covered His flesh
with sweat laden dirt
to experience afresh
the world and it's hurt
for near or far He could see
the state of this place
but only close could we
experience this grace
of the eternal come near
and suffer disgrace
walking right here
along the same sea
a savior austere
in humility

– Jason Kichline


they say honesty's a virtue
and I am not so sure
because when I share my heart like this
although what's said is pure
it points to my worldly weakness
and exposes it to you

is it good to hear truth so true
revealed from my inner core
does it just confuse your heart and mind
and unlock a chamber door
of temptation made for two

what's happening is something new
although desires are old
it lurks just beneath the surface of
my consciousness I'm told
ruining pure and perfect love
and what's worthy to pursue

so I forge a path into taboo
because my heart's desire
is to be united in love as one
and aim for something higher
to finish what we've begun
in honesty so true

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


taken from home
to a foreign land
enslaved as youth
a boy alone scared
he turned to God
for his free appeal
God spoke to him
a way was made
a ship at port
to take him home
he fled that night
from captives kept
traveled on faith
long miles by foot
no map or path
heading toward
the distant shore
at port awaiting
his journey home
now a young man
wise in patient faith
but could not forget
his prison homeland
prepared him then
in seminary room
to be sent again
to the island field
and return he did
and taught all love
on an island green
and rolling hills
teaching doctrine of
freedom and peace
strongholds fell
God's glory rose
from a simple act
to love one's enemies
a hope to come back
now remembered
recalled in song
one day a year
for reasons lost
we wear the green
we drink the beer
but just pause and
consider the cost
a life holy devoted
loving a nation, selfless
in a manner so quaint
and now he is noted
the most popular saint

– Jason Kichline

Monday, March 16, 2009


you tell me that I have an issue of pride
and then I spend nights searching inside
does this sin within abide?
have my words outward lied?

speaking what I deeply feel
the same sayings said as I kneel
I have no desire to conceal
only a reason to reveal

perhaps there is a gap between word and deed?
that divides intention from the life we lead
this cry of heart is what I need
the sound of a soul in it's plead

or maybe my heart remains misunderstood
constantly fighting for the side of good
perhaps too naive to know if it should
and too untested to know if it could

you label my words as faux humility
but the falseness is not too plain to me
perhaps my inner eyes are blind to see
a pride stalking weak prey silently

– Jason Kichline


forever asking
   searching, seeking
      we question Your identity
we ask of You
      as if we could comprehend
      You are
unending confusion
   paralyzing delusion
      if God is in a box
we force you
      made the heavens
      shaped the atoms
into a box
   made of human wisdom
   fashioned of divine foolishness

but I ask a different question

knowing I cannot comprehend You
      fills eternity with your robe
      bore the weight of the world
was it I who was there?
   was it to deny the truth?

forever asking,
   searching, seeking
      I question who I am
I ask of You
      am I?
      to and in You?
because to know You
   means to know my inner child
      and to be loved unconditionally

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, March 15, 2009


it begins within the heaves of earth
stretching after the winter sleep
squeezing springs of life to birth
of leaves and rocks in wild deep
moisture flowing and seeping

trickling down the cliffs and hills
through forest floor of musty heap
season changing air delivers chills
transporting me in transcending leap
to a place of spiritual reaping

water follows water tumbling
ever desiring union to the next
into deeper pools of vision clear
through calm and treacherous fall
together shouting nature's song
no matter where gravity leads
just lust and longing to be whole
transparent, pure and innocent
shouting like children hopping rocks
praising God as we make our way
from out of dirt and down long way
each journey leading onward on
to the river of our soul's returning
to be driven seaward and taken up
and deposited again as rain or dew
and birthed again in the dirt and mud
to flow again while holding hands
with ones given in this cosmic dance
to flow united once more as one

– Jason Kichline

Friday, March 13, 2009


come to me, oh muse
visit me in the twilight hour
just upon my waking
whispering your secrets
in the corners of my soul
caressing the lobes of my ears

come to me, oh muse
draw your sweet dagger
tenderly from it's holster
and pierce my heart again
keep the wound of pain alive
that I may savor the hurting

come to me, oh muse
show me more than this
merely what my eyes can see
fly me through the hidden depths
the deep mysteries of everything
insights into the people hiding

come to me, oh muse
romance me like a woodland nymph
dancing in the forest dark
your form beautiful and dangerous
sweet seduction only I can see
carving our names upon a tree

come to me, oh muse
listen for my heart to cry
the yearning for humility
to be one with the earth and ground
where rest and restlessness are laid
and the very place where I was made

come to me, oh muse
make your home here with me
no longer fear or scurry away
for you are the naturally shifty one
but share you life forever near
smiling fresh in each fallen tear

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, March 12, 2009


melodic notes
carrying union longing
distance traveled in song

harmonic thought
wisdom's own belonging
to find treasure amidst chaos

rhyming words
spoken between souls
leaning hearts nearer to hear

rhythmic pulses
holy presence detected
holding each other apart

unison voices
visceral urges unrejected
silent screams of passion impart

rest abounds
intoxicated by treasure
of pure and beautiful pleasure

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


carefully crafted
created from scratch
the poet assembles words
and watches as they dance

each word has meaning
some have two or more
each carries connotation
and an emotional outpour

upon a blank, white canvas
handwritten on a page
the poet speaks creation
and utters each new age

testing rhyme and rhythm
rolling savor off his tongue
words naturally find position
from a longing to become

men and women made of letters
simply symbols and merely text
but develop within culture flavor
in relationship and context

each word has a purpose
each one it's rightful place
as a poet fashions history
and continually states his case

listen as creation still is spoken
watch as it is written on the void
by the poet still in love with
his words uniting overjoyed

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


the cool of night calls like peace
striking silent chords of harmony
in a heart innocent and tuned

fabric flows upon her frame
and glows against the quiet brim
stepping from unsettled slumber

bare feet descend onto the earth
as flesh contacts ancient ground
like sparks between distant realms

graceful she walks. slow in stride
as toes commune with creation song
eyes search darkness cast from light

gazing skyward pinholes pricked
in fabric covering space and time
revealing light from eternal source

birthed of God from ancient womb
and bearing still as witness divine
starlight diminishes despair and gloom

paths illuminate and markers shine
guided by instinct and natural sense
traversing a forest's deep unknown

she rests therein upon a stone
set to hang from mountain edge
a fortress concealed from insecurity

cold, exposed and vulnerable flesh
clothed in fragile nighttime mist
lifts a soul to her makers heart

abundant life she does impart
to be known full of creator near
the faithful holds her near his heart
a beat made gentle for her to hear

– Jason Kichline

Monday, March 9, 2009


tired and tattered from focused thought
rest required and solace saught
pushed upon the backs of eyes
pressing patience and strength aside

breathing moist sweet spring air
buds of life pushed up through care
dead of winter twigs transform
as branching praise of eternal morn

within each seed lies a dormant life
instinctively pressing against the strife
timed to bud through protective shell
when warmth and moisture start to swell

careful sowing and tending hence
surrounds a mound with protective fence
a gardener gentle with her hurt
runs his fingers through the dirt

he longs to see the plant become
from hardened core of fear undone
to sprout a life abundantly more
than a stagnate core kept in a drawer

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, March 8, 2009


built from brick and mortar found
formed of dirt and mud and filth
patted unseemly upon ground
scattered in the heat of sun

parched tongue, dry and sticking
red skin burnt and thickening
unending toil of endless curse
slave to ways, none other known

one by one and course by course
stacked with mortar paste applied
to seal the fear of others out
to house the hurt and pain inside

building walls is all she does
twisted halls of logic wraught
emotions held in dungeon keep
chaos clammering to be let out

but finding beauty in the mess
I ask to see this palace fort
and marvel at the fragileness
an architecture of last resort

within the heart of delicate strength
I hear the strain of unsettled walls
and groaning of imprisoned life
feelings frightened by freedom's call

so I stand within this place
seeing you and seeking truth
release of captives with keys of grace
to view again your smile of youth
the very first time I see your face

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, March 7, 2009


flowing locks stream down your face
like grazing flocks upon a mountain place
or tumbling like dark waters high
towards pools of a deep calming joy
hot air dries hair, trying to tame them
but betray command like defiant children
attempting to contain strands of mystery
tempting beauty flows from history
giggles form as whisps of disobedience
fraying frames your fragile countenance
fingers stroke back this veil of innocence
your hair reflecting your inner essence

– Jason Kichline

Friday, March 6, 2009


demons lurk
behind stones and trees
waiting to lurch
to hurt
   the weak
   the innocent
   the untrusting

they go by new names
these days
those of legion
called by culture
   as bipolar, toying
   as depression, hanging
   as schizophrenia, speaking

telling lies
lingering and clinging
to the edges of the empty
   a hole that consumes
   a void that stares back
   a nothingness that attacks

there is greater power
formed of eternal being
seen in the depths of creation
   a name that remains unchanged
   a joy that hovers over chaos
   a light that shines through darkness
   a voice that booms words over silence
   a love that transforms existence into life
   a simple name above all

even demons

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ebb and Flow

the pain dwells, wells up within
like pools of hurt from hidden springs
pressing waves of lapping darkness
against the edges of thin containment

cycling like clockwork stifling
hues of apathy towards living sway
back to anger and way too frequent
happiness heads south for winter

fluid builds against, pressing the dam
testing weakened walls of sticks and mud
built to hold a trickle and not this
never this. warm blood cold in dark

the moon on course wax and wanes
standing guard over pain and sorrow
keeper of night and secret cracks straining
until tomorrow when pain hides in smiles

but damn, I long to release the flow
to break the endless cycle of ebb and tide
and release a wake of awakened reeling
a healing based on letting past go

ticking days in a giant clock, tock
night and sun and ages race
and we keep pace, outrunning them all
or pretending to win while being chased

simply succumb and surrender here
and be not afraid of vulnerable truth
because dear, he wants you beautiful
confused as youth or hardened old
our maker wants us just as "just so"
missing, desiring, savoring each
precious drop of ebb and flow

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


you are gone
and it's just not fair
to leave me picking up pieces
to know you are a selfish spirit

you come and go as you please
drinking of blood like a cocktail
stumbling from her heart like a bar
staggering away from friends in need
to express feelings deep with torn souls
because responsibility is not your strength

we get that
we know that
it's what we love in you
it's what she loves about you
but seriously, we want you back
what can we do to obtain you?

chains cannot constrain a muse
no more than time can contain love
shackled you wither and die
untethered you dither and fly
how can we keep you here alive?
how can she seduce you and thrive?

– Jason Kichline


sun beams glisten
golden rays hard to describe
they glimmer and sheen
embracing fresh fallen snow

rose and umber break twilight
casting silhouettes of proud silos
as hills hang in ashen purple
while the farmlands awaken

girls in long skirts scurrying
riding bicycles or quickly walking
performing their daily chores
hurrying as they shiver boldly in cold

fine powder drifts across barren fields
under black carriages drawn by horses
clouds of breath puff sideways exhausting
from nostrils skilled at pulling

the sun rises relentless
casting warmth on the humble
basking in the rays of winter sunlight
and the simple peace of knowing God

– Jason Kichline

Monday, March 2, 2009

Grey Matter

grey decisions hence await
as fog through which we gullibly gaze
attempting to daily discern
these true colors of chance and fate

yet desires of youth yearn
beckoning from beyond the haze
clouding consciousness abated
as if smoke drifting from the burn

temptation teasing in all it's ways
questioning facts of wrong and right
whispering tainted lips, "why not"?
rationalized innocence, obedience strays

and so proceeds this human blight
to fall and falter in hearts and minds
and act on passions, forgetting fray
and retaliate with hate that blinds
as blackness felled with fallen white
mixed thoughts among matters grey

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, March 1, 2009


the burning upon my open chest
in infinite threads of tangled thought
as heart and mind infinite retest
love life desires that I not ought

breath shallows and pulse faintly weak
closed eyes capture a rapture caught
eternally certain of soul sight seeks
banished breaths of another saught

my flesh afire to feel you close
no arms surround another naught
distance crawled by yearning dose
charms of anguished pain is fraught

cold and lonely longs this soul
weary of wars awakened faught
half sleeping dreaming to be whole
near warmth of fire forever hot

to hear words aloud in silent gaze
from molten mist a meaning wrought
to forget the flutter of your ways
succumbed, a student to be taught

would you untie this naked knot?
and free my heart to soar above?
or leave and keep my days distraught
languished alone in unrequited love

– Jason Kichline