Saturday, January 31, 2009


I wanted to express a sincere thanks to my readership who are following me, and those who are not. I hope you have enjoyed my poetry to some extent over the last month as I attempt to wrestle with aligning my heart and mind.

I started this poetry blog as an outlet for a creativity that was stirred inside recently. I became aware, through poetry, of my depth of feelings and how out of touch those are at times with the rest of my life. My New Years resolution was to share my feelings directly instead of hiding them, and a tangible form of that was this aspiration... the personal challenge to write one poem a day for a year! On average I am doing well and have no plans of giving up at this point!

So this adventure is just beginning and is far from over. It is my hope to continue to express myself through words over the next ten months. I can't wait to see the poems that will be written!  I honestly want them to touch lives, and in particular mine, as I work to bridge the gap between what a man feels and believes, and what he thinks and does.

Also, please ask me any questions about any poem or my feelings. I welcome the discussion to help further understand myself and to share this beautiful mess I call "Jason's Life" with you. It's wonderful in a "lived in" kind of way. I can't promise that these poems will be pretty little Norman Rockwell depictions of the perfect life that Jason lives, because that would not be honest. This is the raw deal and I promise that these poems will be as close to my feelings as possible, as long as the posting of the poem does not hurt another person.

Some of you may not "get" poetry. If that is you, I still welcome discussion regarding my feelings, but I do challenge you to appreciate this often overlooked and abused art form.  My friend Nean has written a good article on understanding poetry that I challenge you to read.

Thanks again. I am grateful.

Yours Poetically
– Jason Kichline

Thursday, January 29, 2009


tree branches encased in glassy fables
street lamps refracting light scattering
fractures echoing along tense cables
dropping icy shards earth shattering

metal tags under neck clang and jangle
he trots carefully on frozen walkways
searching scent unseen each snowy angle
pointing pure pathways through the maze

following closely, my feet faltering
slipping as I grip, restraining the leash
stepping off a curb, nighttime altering
as gravity and fate their pain unleash

black asphalt comes quick, an unwelcome friend
protecting my beauty, two hands extend
catching and scraping as rough pavement tears
boomer just stands there and patiently stares

rising awkward in silence, dignity caught
ankle unsure aching, reality taught
blood dripping and stinging deep on numb hands
pressing onward towards home, safety demands

mind races as haste to warming abode
is made with embrace, emotions unglue
did boomer predict, with nose did decode?
that God's greater purpose already knew?

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


answers is all she wants
   is that too much to ask?
struggling to become
   has become her task

growing beckons challenge
   not fit for the faint
as bodies developed
   develop restraint

as fruit of the vineyard
   grows upon gnarled vine
soil and rain refrain
   refining sweet wine

through anguish is born
   the most precious of things
from suffering endured
   an endurance sings

and I wish from my heart
   I could carry your pain
but instead I impart
   to partially explain
that living's an art
   a life artist attains

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


a candle burns in the corner
    of an otherwise cold and darkened room
patterns dance in the shifting light
    of orange glow off bare walls
once a fresh wick,
    ignited by passion
        from a spark mixed with oil, 
now consuming wax on it's own
    from a body charged with it's keeping
the candle melts and morphs as it ages,
    falling inward,
        dripping downward,
            melting heavenward
    character forms on it's edges
        as flame consumes the physical body
wind and breezes hardly noticed
    are made visible by the light,
        emitting movement
placed high above in a room,
    the flame sinks deeper,
        but still illuminates
desiring more candles to be lit,
    pleading more candles to light the dark
challenging more fires within be used
    for lighting paths and not for wasted heat
but for now,
    the candle burns solitary in a corner,
life half spent, 
    perseverance growing, 
        love and spirit glowing,
            bodily wear showing
                beams of hope off stark surroundings

– Jason Kichline

Monday, January 26, 2009


"in" a simple word
that falls off the tongue
mere muttering offered
as an utterance beneath
a lapping of teeth

"in" alters each concept
that it's placed among
inserting an interject
of unescapable astound
from enclosing surround

"in" rendered written
before verbs that are flung
place felt actions within
one's self subject thereof
such in the case of love

"to" love is an action
that on another is sprung
a response to reaction
when kindness we keep
runs realized from deep

"in" love is a noun
of which songs have been sung
when men of renown
captured by woman's wonder
fall face first into blunder

"in" as it seems
is the word that is hung
on the hopes and the dreams
that history has stung
biting both the old
and the young

– Jason Kichline

Slow Talk

I'm sorry.
    You're perfect.
    You're fine.

I just needed to talk this through.
I'm scared to open wounds.
    That's fine.
    I don't want to impugn.
I want to be true.
    Me too.

    Where are we at?
    Are we past that?
We are good.
        Tit for tat.

It was.
    Now it is not.
It's not what we sought.
    But what will be will be because.
    It's friendship we've got.
That is what it does.
    To do what we ought.

    This is not the end.
I think forever is the word.
But others need time to mend.
From trespasses that occurred.
Together we blundered.

Let's talk again.
I need this.
    Me too.
Later my friend.
    Later sis.
You too.

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, January 25, 2009


as I reach out to you
   you surround me first
as I fill up your glass
   you drown my thirst

as I discovered your soul
   you bound my destiny
as I searched for what you lost
   you found my creativity

as I seek to heal your scars
   you wound my fragile heart
as I moan in beating agony
   you sound the sweetest part

as I listen to your melody
   you confound my hidden fears
as I peer into unseen eyes
   you expound upon my tears

as I walk into undawned day
   you rebound my younger years
as I simply pull far away
   you compound my being near

and I know I still need and want
   you around me here

– Jason Kichline

Friday, January 23, 2009

Into Love

you thrill me
as you stare into me
and I am not ashamed
and I want to tell you everything
and I want to show you my dark secrets
and I want to conform my waywardness
into love

you smile at me
as you care for me
and I know you will accept my shame
and I conceive you will tenderly untie it
and I trust you will carefully hide it
and I believe you will magically transform it
into love

you fullfil me
as you bear closer to me
and I gaze into calm azure eyes
and I smell warm rain on fabric
and I feel my heart pounding steadily
and I fall hopeless and unsteady
into love

– Jason Kichline

Beautiful Blue Eyes

he sits alone on a basement floor
pushing Matchbox cars along imaginary streets
carved from mental patterns in the textured pastel linoleum
making subtle engine noises
and the sound effects of brakes screeching
and the pleasing crunch of white cast metal on metal
as the life he held in his two new hands
careens into one another
revealing life's tragedy

he stops for a moment to learn and ponder the wonder
how easily pain can come from his little fingertips
how effortlessly a vision can be transformed into reality
how simple mumblings from lips can both predict and inflict injury
how one hand not letting the other know it's intentions
can cause both hands to pinch skin on cold metal
he savors the awakened wincing of skin in the saddle of his thumb

molded bodies tumble and flip
staying true to observed earthly physics
crashing and settling, spinning on dented roofs
revealing as thin plastic tires point skyward
his name initialed underneath each chassis
masking tape and sharpie marker
etched with the handwritten grace of his mother
ripped beige and adhesive signs posted to control sibling rivalry
because he was never very good at sharing

his friend reaches to inspect the scene
grabbing the wondrous wrecks of boyhood imaginings
interrupting his thoughts
transgressing his property
scattering his vision
eroding his authority

shattered, sobbing and crying he runs
carried on feet and hands up wooden stairs
fleeing in anger, his solitary joy cut short
captured by a mother's stern and caring arms
his tears drawn into strong sweatshirt sleeves
his lungs hyperventilating with face buried deep

her hand touches his chin pointing young gaze towards calm wisdom
and through blurred vision he can see clearly
and through hushed heaving hears her voice dearly
and feels her grasp tighten as her love for him sighs
and she whispers words that to this day he relies
as he lies in aging adulthood silence and once again cries
"show me those beautiful blue eyes"

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, January 22, 2009


greetings to all you who are reading this line
you may be expecting something more poetic this time
but instead I offer in place a placeholder to read
because words meant for this space would certainly bleed
from wounds cut deep in recent memory's malign

perhaps I'm a fool for keeping my feelings inside
I promised to be true and let the truth in words fly
but the poem for today was too powerful I feared
drawing friendships to end with unreconciled trust seared
in written graves dug deep where we once had died

so I hope you enjoy this little limerick instead
please realize that my passion for poems isn't dead
but the mind is designed to temper a hurt heart
and bring sound thinking for mercy and grace to impart
and rescue emotions from that which we dread


feelings of disbelonging pin my ambition to the floor
muffled words spoken behind closed conference door
clearly communicate in silence as my worth they ignore

energy invested as years and miles before
sacrifice of family and life, all that I adore
rewarded as awkward distance and friendship fabric tore

I don't want to be alone anymore

where are the heights upon where my ideas soar?
where are the trails wherein my mind may explore?
where is the way to promised path?
this is all I implore

sands of time erode as waves crash upon the shore
standing in line in front of a half opened door
uncertain of what I know or feel for sure

my inner peace is at war

mishandled situations cut deeply to my core
every breath of my passion now a heaving chore
legs that carried through disaster, undeniably sore

do you not weigh the weight that I have bore?
do you not measure the cup of the passion I pour?
do you not walk the mile in tattered shoes that I wore?

or am I to you just a workaholic whore?

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


fragile as the foothills of dreaming
flimsy as the feelings of waking
delicate as the strength of snowflakes
dancing as raindrops in an old tin pan

how do we see the substance of something
unable to directly withstand
observation from our waking mind's seaming
but dwells in the corner of our being?

minds race to understand
bodies beaten from give and takes
hearts beating toward soul slaking
screaming silent tears streaming

but within is formed a simple deduction
that while thin, is crucial to construction
of a life raised from ashen reduction
of strife razed by hope's resurrection

glassy and wavy it sparkles and shines
shimmering from the backs of our minds
unseen with eyes as it designs
visions of the permanent kind

it busies with building a house for hope
it hears our hallowed cries to cope
that invisible quality like misty fleeting
that is able while our heart keeps beating
to command our conscious cares continue sleeping
and summons strength defending against dreams' depleting

– Jason Kichline

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


high in heavens her grace descends
conceived of moistened whispered kisses
of hung vapors softened deep caressing
cold aching, arching sky undressing
coaxing creation as she bends

falling, fluttering from fragile heights
nature's perfection reminisces
pure waters form and crystalize
appearing softly behind your eyes
floating earthward as unlaced delights

sparkles in moon beams nighttime air
face tingling chills of childhood blisses
my yearnings languished forever young
waiting patiently in icy silence among
face focused following fleeting fair
to consumate her beauty with
my warm whetted tongue

– Jason Kichline


a man
demanding difference
carrying cool compassion
in patterns of bold colors
of pure patriotic passion
and authoritative providence

a stand
proclaiming from lips
and inspirational talk
collecting keen confidence
guiding his historic walk
pensive with hands on hips

on this somber midwinter noon
in coldest dead of our estate
pausing temporal fabric as it slips
the millions hopeful shiver and wait
a spring of rallied spirits June

we can
not by one man in power aloft
but through fortitude of huddled masses
bloom hope through sacrificial prune
and tend to history as it passes
turn gazes facing cruel fate to scoff

more than
the summation of our parts
we stand united once more as one
to rise again and brush dust off
knowing a change has just begun
that wells up within undivided hearts

– Jason Kichline

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Musician

the musician plays what's inside the heart
not merely what mechanics impart
to know the workings of the strings
is simply knowledge the simple impart

music is formed in the secret place
and bore in workings of earth's disgrace
for the musician does not love the things
but loves the joy of reality's displace

the pictures paint on canvas white
brushstrokes made in blind of sight
with hand and voice experience brings
the outpouring of an artist's light

keys and hammers, heads and frets
that physical instrument begets
the tangible form as spirit sings
as eyes are closed, the world forgets

a musician plays within their head
and things of earth are what they dread
they block the flow of creative springs
without fluid song, the instrument is dead

Jason Kichline


empathy calls
crying out like one lost
as pain reaches for pain
grasping at air

sympathy annuls
trying on garments tossed
as inane teaches the sane
clasping at care

apathy apalls
dying as roses in frost
as disdain preaches to feign
rasping your soul rare
mine gasping, aware

Jason Kichline

Sunday, January 18, 2009


declaring dared dreams upon the crowd
to do what's just and right is what he said
speaking visions through inspiration aloud
and persevering tenaciously tough times instead
and even so, they shot him dead

words echoed in our gathered souls that day
shots ringing freedom off white marbled stairs
rippling patterns through time to will a way
through painful trials and persistent prayers
forms future tense from pretense in destined dares

that day, in the ground, we planted a seed
for death can only kill the mortal man
but a hope defered becomes reality indeed
though one may perish, united we stand
and with one voice proclaim - yes we can

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, January 17, 2009


she answers the call to roam
standing out like the tip of a star
planning her next journey afar
in the comfort of her home

she documents about her day
setting aside the restraint of pride
to let loose the woman inside
and an eternal child at play

she dresses in modern fashions
seeking the finest place to dine
the allure of fine food and wine
sustaining intrinsic passions

never aging, forever young
beckoning life from the tired multitude
to face our living with love and attitude
and chase chances to dwell among

– Jason Kichline

Friday, January 16, 2009

Simple Answers

what is the purpose of my life?
      to die

what do I do until then?
      do the will of God

what is the will of God?

what do you mean "go"?

who do I follow?

who is Jesus?
      the least of these

who are they?
      the poor in spirit and body

what do I do when I find them?
      understand and help them

what about everyone else?
      love them

how do I love everyone?
      start with your neighbor

why should I do all of this?
      it's what you were meant to do

what do I get out of the deal?
      abundant joy and life

why does this matter when I'm going to die anyway?
      because you live on through the other's you've touched

do I still get eternal life?
      yes, your soul lives forever

will it go to heaven?
      your soul flies to what it longs for

will I be with God?
     if He is all your heart desires...

then yes.

– Jason Kichline


buried between painful layers
hide feelings too deep to unearth
beneath dirt mingled with moist dew
caked hard beneath black sun

depths dug in shameful spirals
life tossed aside in shovelfuls
now a soul sealed inside cowering
curled withered within a coffin

life and loss lowers slowly below
friends and family watch and weep
as causes and circumstances cover
hurling dust and rocks on a lid in deep

but souls are not known for dying
in whispered mourning wafts crying
a grave site harkens hallowed hatching
as weakened fingers within start scratching

simple words commanding nature
against all will of mind and creature
echoes heaven's eternal shout
      get up!
         come out!

if only deceased hearts can hear
and on their own, fight final fear
denying death a single tear

shedding grave clothes from youthful thighs
and wiping dust from tear swollen eyes
obeying the impossible call to arise

Jason Kichline

Thursday, January 15, 2009


innocence forms a devious smile
sisters whisper jocular schemes
they fool and distract me for a while
playing out their childish dreams
learning the ropes of tactical survival
in a world so cold to them it seems
but inside I warm from youth's revival
watching feet that scurry giggles and screams
hopeful upon their next arrival
they meet their father who redeems

 Jason Kichline

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


rushing unseen surges
press relentless against
a humble hollow fortress

intense unspoken urges
dancing in chance suspense
wind whipping me nonetheless

continually converges
shaking strength intense
waking me from sleep's caress

singing solemn dirges
a solitary recompense
for yesterday's acquiesce

raptured dawn emerges
stilling belayed pretense
with calming solace progress

 Jason Kichline

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


she cries aloud in silence
   her wild heart weeping
I see the tear stains
I sense the salted pains
   as they stream down her face
   and fall upon fresh breasts
      they stir her
      they color her
      they flavor her
like tired patterns
   wearing thin fabrics
fragily covering futility
   barely clothing nudity
   of internal indiscretion

here I am waiting
   for deepest confession
      with usual fears abating
      with ears open
      with arms open
      with heart open

holding a crimson comforter
hoping to cover her swollen shame
unhiding hurts to confront her
healing starts without any blame
here onwards something's not the same
having heard Him call her by her name

 Jason Kichline

Monday, January 12, 2009

Transcendental Replace

to follow Christ means to follow others
   when we take interest in the life of another
to love the one the Father sent
   means to love the least of those He lent
to walk as Jesus if we choose
   means to walk a mile in their shoes
to carry our cross and to ourselves die
   means to suffer loss and selflessly cry
to have heard the good news and do what it said
   means bearing bad news from eyes swollen red
to cloth the poor and starving mouth feed
   means encouraging a hungry heart still in need
to call upon Jesus in our shame
   means to call a person by their name
to keep the faith and truly believe
   means doing that for others I do perceive
for we see Him through them as face-to-face
   as we show holy love as a product of grace
for we draw nearer to God in each earthly embrace
   as we love the world in transcendental replace

 Jason Kichline

Sunday, January 11, 2009


sprinkling incense aromatic 
prickling softened somatic 
twinkling eros airs erratic

serpent sting succumbing 
nimble nervous numbing 
caressing cares becoming

attribute as apt attraction 
wreaking rash reaction 
fine flesh inflaming faction 
cursed chemical infraction

 Jason Kichline


our life a dwelt garden 
of heaven's seed in earthly soil 
   one chance
   one trunk
   one tree

troubles fall as rain 
changes blow as wind 
seasons pass in vain 
growing rings within

our body a shell hardened 
surrounding need 
containing toil 
   one speck
   one pearl
   one plea

waters swirl as pain 
shifting sands of sin 
calcifying bane 
forms an orb within

our soul in grace felt pardon 
eternal jewel indeed 
redeemed as royal 
   one life
   one body 
   one being

blooms in time a timeless treasure 
from bounded vine of boundless measure 
this soul refined reaped at His leisure 
fruit for divine first Farmer's pleasure

 Jason Kichline

A Tweeting Heart

I was reading Twitter posts on my iPhone using an application called Twinkle.  This allows me to see tweets that have been emitted from within a 50 mile radius of my location.  As I was reading, I spotted a tweet from a guy that was just so poetic and heartfelt, I had to finish it for him.  I set the time on this post for when he poured his heart out to the unknown masses - 3:40 AM.

tell me why
   I can't seem to face
the truth
   denies a heart still at chase
I really don't know what to do
   I'm just a little too not over you

 – Alex

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Morning Amazement

rich things often begin in the simple
the beauty of hearing a child's question
and responding with love to their innocence
it's when the deaf overhear kindness
and the mute exclaim to congregations
the obedience of a broken heart
like upon waking from a dream

how wonderful you are my God
that you would come to eat with me
that wine becomes blood
that bread becomes flesh
shattered and crushed
beaten and dried and fermented
painfully altered to become lasting food
as divinity transforms to humanity
just so humanity can reach out in spirit

our weakness becomes our strength
our unknowing becomes our assurance
our sinful shame becomes our healing
our darkness becomes our guiding light

chaos coalesces into clarity as
nothingness becomes all that matters
to a artist creator so pleased with his creation
now and forever the game has changed
now that eternal distance has dissipated
because our God came near

 Jason Kichline


it's no or snow
whether this weather
to belie eve or believe
and to gather together
to pinch up inch
and offer ease in freeze
or scoff an ask off
an aper tease expertise

 Jason Kichline

Friday, January 9, 2009


moments dash
human nature screaming song
as dissonant as an untuned orchestra
as resonant as laughter in the hall
chaotic echoes emanating
from the void

colors splash
vibrant hues that don't belong
like an unguided child's fingerpaintings
scribbled messes upon the wall
gifts of life, a father disseminating

 Jason Kichline


peering into eyes
bruises beckon battering
shifting shows shattering
lone looks linger longing
redness reveals reckoning

I can see it
I can feel it
I can be it
I can heal it

peering performance penetrating
dilapidated defenses dropping
internal urges initiating
calls closed cares cropping

"how are you doing?"
"are you okay?"

that's what I simply say
my heart's cry
my mouth speaking
my soul seeking
the words pry
they look away
fearing ungluing
or worse, undoing

inside you seeing all too deep
through two windows still a candle fluttering
in darkened dim we hug and weep
safe surroundings bids two souls stuttering

making music admidst the meek
blessed brightening breaking bleak
raining strength upon our weakness
ever yearning your uniqueness your eyes

 Jason Kichline

Thursday, January 8, 2009


paste sticks on my tongue
the sides of lips hang on one another
the depths of my gums bubble under
the roof of my mouth beckons
as teeth sigh out of place

jaw clenched unhung
the back of my throat burns breathing
the breath of my lungs draws heaving
shallow rapid beating reckons
from a heart still keeping pace

eyelids stand among
those afflicted from uncrying
the corners contain the drying
stony remnants from within
a fixed and frozen face

my song unsung
from throbing fingers numb and shaking
and knuckles disjointed from forsaking
the anguished plea of parching skin
cracking under chapped disgrace

arid aspiration sprung
my mouth swallows solemn nothing
my hands clenching against something
my eyes finding focus once again
to search resolution to their case
to seek the flowing, cool embrace
of rushing waters filled with grace
of longing for just one more taste

 Jason Kichline

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


by trailhead hidden
I found you sitting
with familiar forbidden
from adventure anew

wearing flimsy shoes
no pack for food
water subdued

this journey bidding
myself admitting
this path unwitting
a travel with you

wearing hiking boots
and taken other routes
for passion's pursuits

we saught for you a hiking stick
near the edge of forest thick
for this trip not construed as quick
counted among the few

starting out
following the blaze
discussing our ways
in nascient phase

talking as the miles pass
we happened upon a point that has
been placed by hands amidst the vast
of brown and green and blue

poor spirits praised
as fresh eyes gazed
through vista's haze

resting done, we continued on
not dwelling on the distance gone
but longing for the breaking dawn
beyond all roads we knew

rivers to ford
threats to ward
depths explored
climbing forward
where eagles soared
moving toward
hope restored

but adventure is not through for us
while diverging for a while it must
to retain the way and gain the trust
to continue to pursue
to make this friendship true
through all that we've been through
because I never wish to rue
the companion I've found in you

 Jason Kichline

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


to believe unfettered
to live unwavered
to hold true conviction
and declare due intention

to put muscle behind word
and to faith apply sweat
deeming discomfort unheard
while bleeding tears under threat

to put money next to tongue
and place weakness at the cross
to teach wisdom to the young
and never look upon loss

it's standing one's ground
while others tell you are wrong
at least that's what l've found
is the definition of strong

 Jason Kichline

Monday, January 5, 2009


clouds drift upon the sky
like carefully crafted drapery
torn from lacy tapestry
swinging low enough to touch
the world below

traffic ahead lies dormant
red lights streak through the haze
as commuters in a discouraging daze
pensive peeve to go and such
only to leave

a bridge arches over the waters
like branches dripping frozen drops
weighted down towards smoldering rooftops
buildings grey awaiting silent
this hectic day

calm apathy hides undisclosed
driving worn courses in my mind
curving street corners seeking to find
a warming blue sky and brightness meant
to unobscure the true

 Jason Kichline

Sunday, January 4, 2009


it's all I ever wanted to be
a chameleon under the skin
adapting to each changing season
to forever fit in

my fear is that my worth is less
than prominant peers perceive
and so the outer man obsesses
to accomplish and acheive

but when inadequate aromas waft
the outer strength is gone
an inner fear exposed as soft
is eager to move on

so this inner man though woeful weak
is my purer part of being
though silenced and afraid to speak
it beckons against the fleeing

alas my soul on voyage long in life
seeks ever affirmation hence
upon the whimful waves of strife
this quest for relevance

 Jason Kichline

Saturday, January 3, 2009


fear grips my climb
    as I look down
at progress made
    and battles won
while calculating risk
    and lamenting loss
poured out in time
    my grip unsound
for passion prayed
    and answered none
holy wind blows brisk
    and carries this cross
thoughts of the mind
    and emotions abound
should I have stayed
    until all is done?
though prophetic predicts
    against all costs?
praying revelation depicts
    a bridge across

 Jason Kichline

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh Nine

A year begins with little fanfare
At least none that I can personally recall
Quietly she and I rang in the new year
False fresh beginnings abounding for all

Resolutions were pronounced out there aloud
Drunk revelers screaming cheers in the streets
Yelling countdown cries from the crowd
As a tired old year completely depletes

What real circumstance begs this change?
Or is this a frivolous and false illusion of hope?
That within a month of our life's rearrange
We will likely slide down a slippery slope

Just as the bright crystal ball drops from above
The future unknown is drawn toward the ground
Men and women who aspire renewed love
Discover that darkened mortal gravity is found

But still this analogous annual rebirthing occurs
In the less than silent crowd in the cold of winter night
But my heart and mind refrain from being stirred
From such a cosmic and cultural festive rite

Perhaps the change that pleads my heart to leap
Is born alone in a dark, silent and meager place
The perfect light that shines calls deeper to deep
And bears a strong resemblance to grace

So as 2009 begins in haste
My inward change will happen slow
Not from tradition that is worldly based
But by ascending on wings from deep below
Seeking eternal mercy as weakness placed
Hidden in a tiny town beneath bright star glow

 Jason Kichline


Life seems so cold.
She spends her nights rebuilding the walls.
And fixing a failing facade.
So life doesn't fold.

Inside twinkles a soul.
Like the sun on an overcast day.
Appearing behind winter clouds.
Forbids her being bold.

Her eyes have told.
The simple story of life revealed.
Perfect joy of a child girl.
Growing too quickly too old.

Her skin glows deep gold.
The missing daughter of a Father King.
A lonely Cinderella.
Reaching a hand to hold.

 Jason Kichline