Monday, December 29, 2008

Shattering Silence

silence is merely nothing more
   than something waiting to be broken 
like shards shattered on a freezing floor
   in chaotic feelings finally spoken 
because keeping it intact
   tears at a fragile soul 
because this inability to react
   echoes inside this cavernous hole 
because forcing beings to retract
   grants nowhere nearing to being whole

 Jason Kichline

Christmas Cookies

prepared in plenty 
sweet morsels of temptation 
sealed in plastic containers 
of white, tan and dark brown 
nestled between layers of cellophane 
these delicacies wait expectantly 
their sweet, moist aroma carrying

drawn to them 
salivating for their flavors 
slowly prying off tightened lids 
reaching hands and fingers deeper 
uncovering careful courses of wrapping 
stealing a cookie, or maybe two 
removing another from its reserve

cold milk chases 
washes the sweetness down 
but one indulgence calls for another 
and soon all the cookies are gone 
the containers left empty and plastic 
no more gifts for future guests 
just a stomach sick with sugar

 Jason Kichline

Saturday, December 27, 2008


She lies quietly beside the river
Fog rises from from her deep valley
Wind floats smoke across her waters
High cliffs over shadow and keep watch
Then she gives an honest, jagged smile

Trains pass through the core of her
Their weight and sound shaking loose memories
Pickup trucks and Amish buggies
Travel her well worn courses
Her curves known only to locals

Lights of houses are like her piercings
They sparkle from her glistening form
Graffiti on factories are her tattoos
Revealing her true desire to be cherished
Buildings, cars and sidewalks all deteriorate
But the sound of yesteryear hayday still echos

She lies here among the wild
Pressed on her side revealing her hips
Beckoning those who know her
To cross over the deep divide
To touch, love and perhaps cherish
The rejected nestled in hidden valleys

 Jason Kichline


hiding inside myself today
I create another world in here
a place my soul feels safe
enclosed behind blank stares
missing those I long for
running after falling dreams
like catching snowflakes on my tongue
while sitting right next to loved ones

two worlds in which I dwell
two lives slowly diverging
the external known and predictable
the internal uncharted and exciting
the practical safe for the body
the spontaneous safe for the soul
which path do I choose?
what if one leads to the other?

in the midst of people talking
one can stand so alone
entrenched in my own domain
unable to speak mysteries too complex
standing in the deep forest
the trees encircling and swirling
deep shadows dancing in the night
hallowed spirits cast from moon beams

 Jason Kichline

Monday, December 22, 2008


It's not too often
In this road I walk
that I get to greet
through poetic talk
a family member
to whom you treat
in mid October
our joy complete

a brother now
I have at last
the one I longed
for lifetime past
to love the one
who once belonged
to this lone son
and kin prolonged

So I welcome you,
a brother here
to care for her
and hold her near
to stand up tall
and if you prefer
proclaim to all
and do not deter
your love for her

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, December 21, 2008


brightness surrounds you
    like the sunbeams reflecting
    off pools of clear rain water
    after warm spring rains

you are a moist air rising
    from the saturating morning dew
    breathing life into all plants of the field
    and bringing color back into faces

you shine brightly
    some bask in your glow
    others wince at your strength
    but the light shines regardless
    touching and tenderly tending the gardens

you are the essence of day
    and the breaking of spring
    and while the night may chase after you
    and the cold attempt to shake you
    you will always overpower the darkness
    you will always melt away the snow
    because you are warmth
    because you are light
    because you glow

– Jason Kichline


There's enthusiasm in that smile of yours...
    the corners of your lips wink at doubt
    an assurance that anything is possible.
    your spirit beams like a young girl chanting "try me"
    and "we'll just see what can be done about that!"

You roll up your sleeves without hesitation.
    teaching me that success comes from hard work,
    convincing me of the value of money,
    guiding me through your actions,
    and raising me in your ways.

I remember...
    shaking the snow off your hair when we shoveled
    splattered paint on purple sweatshirts
    the sweat stains on ratty t-shirts
    and the dirt caked under your fingernails
I forgot...
    how much I cherish being driven by love
    guided to loving others with tangible actions
    instructed in your near perfect wisdom
    and the simple bliss of slumber after a good full day

I see in myself a glimmer of you
    and that brings a boyish smile to my face
    and a sense that nothing is truly, ever impossible.

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, December 20, 2008


sound alarm
everyone out
chamber door
heavy hinging
slowly towards
entrance sealing

remains inside
unclaimed treasure
precious thoughts
boyhood longings
dusty shelves
forgotten feelings

lights outened
guards posted
keeping watch
thief kneeling
now detained
hearts healing

locked up
private vault
once again
now revealing
romantic soul
worth stealing

 Jason Kichline


She paints 
On outstretched canvas 
Woven from deep memories 
With colors vibrant and dark 
This tapestry she wears in fragility

She chooses 
Shades of twilight 
Hues of cast shadows 
Muted mauve or diminished teal 
Covering a lifetime of wonders hidden

Serene beauty 
Eerie silence singing 
Like summer cricket choruses 
Carried on chilled autumn winds 
Unsung sirens luring other twilight wanderers

Found her 
A lone artist 
Painting pictures of twilight 
Outside the warm welcoming houses 
Alone under moonlight in her beauty


 Jason Kichline

Friday, December 19, 2008


There a peace in your hands.
    Sturdy fingers roughened gentle,
    worn and worked in.

You wait.
Peering out the window
    looking behind the curtains
    for someone.

You greet others,
    filled with hearty laugher
    like a warm bowl of chowder,
    or a hot cup of coffee
    in front of a roaring wood fire
    on a cold winter day.

You outstretch your hands.
    to help another up.
Focused on the work
    that needs to be done
    in the most selfless of ways.

Humble is your definition.
    a kingly worker robed in blue.
    a man worth living up to.
    a guy to whom I say "I love you".
    a true friend I call "dad".

– Jason Kichline

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Passion is two souls merging
   like fluttering heart beats of a first date
it is a spiritual essence
   best represented by the physical
it is sharing ideas so deep
   that you gaze into her eyes
it is communication so perfect
   it goes unspoken in speechlessness
it is finishing each others sentences
   in a way that fingers interlock for the very first time
it is wanting your emotions to run and hide
   but staying put even while vulnerable
it is two spirits sliding through a dark room
   meeting only to dance in the sparkling twilight
it is getting so close
   you can smell her fragrance
and to share secrets so hidden
   like undressing without shame
and then it is covering up that pain
   and whispering in her ear...
   "everything is going to be OK"
and when she asks "are you sure?"
   holding her ever closer
   to share the warmth
   of two souls flickering,
   radiating resonance,
   in the darkened cold

 Jason Kichline

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's how I feel
at night, alone
my heart hangs inside my chest
like dead weight
on strings straining
to hesitate

It's that moment when
my breath shallows
my mood darkens inside my head
like abandoned dreams
on memories fading
or so it seems

It's all I want then
just to feel a touch
my skin crawls along my frame
like watchmen above
on ramparts aging
seeking love

So when I see you
for who you are to me
my mood brightens
my breath quickens
my heart leaps
like a young boy
on sugar rushing
experiencing joy

 Jason Kichline

Monday, December 15, 2008


darkness hides beneath the skin
dust lies inside these walls
one cannot inspect within
only listen as it crawls

outside appears pure and true
a flat and painted plane
memories adorn those who view
the facade of simply sane

time it takes its tenuous toll
eroding what is seen
sin protrudes once from its hole
then scurries within the scene

facades cannot hold a house
they buckle under strain
we must exterminate each mouse
and cleanse each and every stain

humbled I asked Him just for that
once falling on my knees
to find sin lured out like a rat
with a savory speck of cheese

 Jason Kichline

Your Voice

Today fell silent
No words came
My mind was still

Today merely went
Just the same
My conscious, chill

Tonight I pause
Not the same
My ears unfilled

Tonight because
No words came
Nil poetic skill

Tonight is past
The week ends at last
And your voice is

– Jason Kichline

Saturday, December 13, 2008


you intrigue me
more than you ought
your depths yearning to be explored


wanting to discover
with boyish wonder
like passing through a labyrinth
smiling at each corner
   at each turn
   at each dead end

you smile at me
   like adventure herself

saying something so benign
opens up a whole other side of you
   and then another
   and another

the next thing I know
you're all I think about
this complexity that culminates
in a simple beauty
of you

and I could get lost in your labyrinth tonight

– Jason Kichline

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I try to be still,
   but thoughts still they come, 
like glassy fragments.

They spill overtime,
   like diamonds of my mind. 
Each one beautiful and yet,
   pointless unless pointed and set.

I can't stop this flow,
   of overdubbed voices. 
They discuss and debate,
   my life's future choices.

Perhaps one day soon,
   the voices will stop,
   the pieces aligned,
   from one pill to pop.

 Jason Kichline


Every word is a move for you
Every stanza a swaying beat
I hold your hand and slide my feet
To mingle with yours
This dance so sweet

The lighting fades
The music dims
Glimmering orbs
Sparkle within
Across your form
I take you hand
And lead you there
Middle of the floor
In awkward stand
Your soul to warm

My gaze seeks the soul of you
My hand rests on the small of your back
Closer we merge, I cannot pull back
Together we crash as two distant shores
Waves of passion lapping our lack

My mind races, cherishing you
But my shoulder senses a distinctive tap
Further diverge we quickly pull back
I turn and see that I am not yours
Your husband cuts in, fulfilling our gap

– Jason Kichline

The Entrance

Down an alley wrought with grime
Found a folly fraught with time
An antique arching entrance way to
Bounded tally of words sublime

Time forgot this timeless shop and
I'm now caught in destined plot
To enter arching entrance way
Entwining thought for souls to swap

An elder woman shop kept thus
And held her whom then she could trust
Through entering arching entrance way
Expelled the webs and shelving dust

She led me through the stale and cold
And said she knew of tale untold
Of why through arching entrance way
I tread, debuted the veil of old

I opened books and pages peered
I hoped in nooks and ages neared
As entering arching entrance way
Invoked the looks of sages feared

Hours flew as pages turned
Powers grew as stages spurned
Centering in arching entrance way
Cower ensued as ages burned

I made my way back out to leave
Afraid to stay, I did conceive
Outside the arching entrance way
A young girl stood with duster cleaved

 Jason Kichline


Your face is what I see
   when I'm struggling through
You make your call to me
   when I need you to

Grace carries your every move
   and lifts you on it's wing
Your feet planted to soothe
   and with your voice you sing...

Over me, an ancient song
   in radiance of white
The word of God and holy longs
   to fill my soul with might

Thank you for all that you have done
   standing for what's true
The darkness falls, the light has won
   because an angel came through you

 Jason Kichline

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


each breath
    cigarettes taunt me
        mock me
        laugh at me
    lungs fill with
        heavy tingly and
        vapored reinvite

each bite
    alcohol accuses me
        proves to me
        my stupidity
    stomach fills with
        painful pangs and
        vanishing appetite

each step
    levity reminds me
        blinds me
        challenging upright
    mind fills with
        random thoughts and
        dark depressive dew

each move
    separation confines me
        chains me
        skin chilled and crawling
    body fills with
        longing, a deep aching
        a withdrawal from you

– Jason Kichline

Monday, December 8, 2008

Message From A Bottle

I think I drink a bit to end
    this pride of stagnate prude
I raise a gaze to neighbor friend
    and once again we send for booze

"Two", I sign for mine and hers,
    two shots of who cares what
I raise my daze with lesser cares
    and wrestle from my righteous rut

"One", ask I to try a smoke
    for night of plightful firsts
I gag a drag to outwards stoke
    a burning heart of heinous hurts

In haze of ways unknown before
    I grapple for a call
Composed in prose this nightful lore
    a sole message from a cold bottle

To whom to doom my drunken shame
    this send to friend requires?
I thus focus to cry her name
    the match who sparked my soul's desire

– Jason Kichline

Wisps of Whispers

Your fragrance leaping from your form
and to my nostril senses born
wisps of whispers from your soul
detected leaks of trust now torn

a moonlight moaning, summer's end
moonflowers aroused by nymphs who tend
the hidden gardens of your soul
the nighttime call of woo to send

but bitters battle beneath bare bliss
behind your ears I hear a hiss
it's scent sighs softly from a soul
waning, warning, withering, whiffs

unlike fair flowers in daylight's gleam
this rare flower is rarely seen
until the nymph provokes a soul
whose fragrance sings nocturnal dream

 Jason Kichline

The Second Scotch Was For You

lights dip
warmed glow
a slight sip
a no-show

frozen tones of glass and ice
trickling down this soothing vice

vacant chair
her lips lent
lingering stare
imagined scent

numbed by amber moistened kiss
lured by sweetened wafting bliss

hopes float
pains sink
your glistening throat
or so I think
   ..or hope

loneliness longing to end
an empty toast towards sin to bend
rushing, reeling risk again
a lusting for lost lover friend

– Jason Kichline

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What I See

    just glow
there is a joy in you
    that you locked away for so long
and it presses at the creases of your skin
    yearning to get out
and just to see you smile
    makes me so happy
it's your smile
    that I notice

    in rays of beaming light
    in a field of tall grasses
    your hands brushing tuffs of wheat
    in the warm sun

– Jason Kichline

Of Drummers and Poets

If beats were like words
and sticks like the pen
Then one could observe
And summarize then...

That's it's not what you say
It's how and when it is said
It's not so much what you play
But more accurately read...

It's what you leave out,
It's what you leave in,
It's when you want to,
but don't.

 Jason Kichline

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 7

we need romance to live
   like air
   like water

I don't want that part of me to die

but this pain
   this sweet pain
   this lush agony...

it is romance
   yes... it is

it is the tragedy
   and the smile

and the beauty
   and the life
   and the blood

it is the stuff of great romantic tragedies

– Jason Kichline

Two Children

two children
in flight of passion fleeting
far from honor's home
lost in lonely wood
forced cares of life retreating
ever desiring the roam

but our bearings broke their bushings
and as the night made chase to day
canopy concealed clear clarity
found us in woeful wood
a stark sanity of reality


two lovers
high upon the forest sleeping
far from safe abode
shivered dares each twig snapping
ever huddling each tone

but our hearings hoped our hushings
and as the fright made chase to way
volume voiced vain verity
drew us toward dimming good
a spark, a reality of sanity


two children
high above a cliff descending
far from grounded mode
quivered stares each look tingling
ever chilling each bone

but our peerings prodded our pushings
and as sight made chase to stray
feet feigned feared fatuity
bound us in freeing fall
a harsh brevity of gravity


two lovers
in waters filled with passion flowing
far from normal's zone
rushed tears each stroke groping
ever knowing each known

but their tearings stoked their thrustings
and as night made haste for day
lost lovers lauded levity
left one lone on heighten tall
to embark the same gravity of reality


 Jason Kichline

Faintly Follows Yes

Wandering, my soul trips.

Stumbling in the darkness,
   over thick roots of trees,
      and rocks wrapped in moss.

I hear a voice in the forest,
   a babbling like water,
      flowing from the deep,
         and bubbling up from within.

I call out to it,
   and hear a familiar response.
      a voice I recognize,
      a voice I long for,
      a voice to lead me.

I begin to listen.
I listen to the sounds of the forest.
   They resonate with my voice.
   They harmonize with my dissonance.

I shout!
   are you there?
      are you listening?
         are you hearing?
            are you real?

Faintly follows,

 Jason Kichline

Friday, December 5, 2008

Talking Over Coffee

I don't want to break your heart
It was a tad and bitter morning
I'm not so sure it played a part
In where the tear was even going

I like some bite in my coffee treat
It goes so well with sweetness
How come you have to be so sweet?
Because your warmth surrounds my bleakness

and as it trickles down my throat
the heat removes my outer coat
and makes me feel from what you wrote

– Jason Kichline

Sliding Closer

this is not good.

my heart pounds over simple words.
my mind reels over innocent pauses.
my heart speaks and you listen.
my fingers finish your sentences.

I am happy.
I want to crawl into your thoughts.
I want to experience you.
your life.
your hurts.
your passion.
your everything.

though we are far apart.
our souls slide closer.
like two teenagers on a basement couch.
wondering if the parents will see.
how can this be wrong when it feels so right?
or maybe that is why it is so wrong.

we reasoned the nature of love and aroused it.
we questioned sin and awakened it.
we tempted fate for the thrill of it.
we drew the line, was it only to cross it?
we crossed paths, was it only to part?

my questions grow.
my answers cease.
my logic fails.
my guard is dropped.
my heart is laid opened.


– Jason Kichline


Squeezed from twisted torment. 
It comes. 
A solitary drop like from a faucet of a leaking soul.

My hand reaches out to catch it. 
My face reacts to pinch it. 
My will intact to choke it. 
Drip, drip. 

Thoughts clash. 
Feelings rumble. 
Heart reverberates like the ground in the summer heat. 

Waters gather. 
They stream down my face without reason. 
I smell the sweetness of rain hitting pavement. 
I sense the steam rising. 
I feel the drops splash my legs. 


The sky opens up again. 
It comes in waves. 
I look up into the swirling grey. 
This surprise storm coming without reason. 
The cool of a drop runs down my neck and along my shoulder.

I smile. 
Like a boy. 
Caught in the thick with no umbrella. 
Looking for puddles.

 Jason Kichline


Now I'm the one.

I felt this was resolved and yet...
it's 3:45 AM.
my heart is pounding.

I awoke.
Pulled closer to her.
Held closer to her.
But who was I holding?
In presence it was her.
In absence it was you.

I miss you.
I miss your voice.
I miss your smell.

My body picks up the phone.
My soul trying to make the call.
Hearing only...


– Jason Kichline

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Two stars floating above.
Two stars as venus, and jupiter...
In love.
Passing in the black like two strangers.
Bound by the laughing moon.
So soon.
So soon.
I'm numb, and my judgement fails.
Like staring into the sky.
Is this love?
Or just an illusion?
Oh God...
I'm falling.
A star.
Shooting towards the unknown and yet...
the known.
I know where this is going...
But don't want it to.
Please God...
Let this be more than just us.
Let this be you.
Let this be true.
Let this be real.
Let the guise of sanity be reality.
Are we crazy?
Or has reality engulfed us?
Our souls
Our everything.
Lord no.
Let me do your will in all of this.

– Jason Kichline

Pouring Scotch

This place.

I wish you were here,
   next to me...
   across the table,
   not telling me to stop,
   but to continue.

Enthralled by my soul,
   not my intoxication.

You are intoxicating.

Just you can make me smile.
   Is that just a feeling?
   Is it reality?
   I don't know.
   I'm not sure.
But there you are.
Gazing back at me.
More real than reality.

What if we threw away practicality?
Threw away these inhibitions?
These chains that bind us?
What then?

Our logic melts away,
like the dust clearing after a rain.
   I'm floating,
   I'm flying,
   I'm hovering,
   I'm waiting...

For who?
For you?
I don't want to go...
Where can I go?
Where can I roam?
No one's home.
No light on...
but you.

You guide me like a light in the darkness.
Is my soul merely a fly?
A mindless creature?
Drawn to your light?
   your warmth?
   your allure?

Luring me.
Is this a trap?
Can't escape.
Pouring out
   like life.
Pouring out
   like scotch.
Pouring out...
   my will,
   my heart,
   my blood

Oh God.
Losing everything
   for the taste of the forbidden.

– Jason Kichline