Monday, June 2, 2008


As I was merely passing by
I turned my face into the breeze
how seasons changed for this passerby
and watched the leaves dance from the trees

From far you floated into view
more radiant than other leaves
color crashing from hue to hue
a temporal beauty the eye conceives

and as I watched, you fluttered further
and gently resting by my knees
my hand drew nearer, my heart to wonder
is this the moment one man can seize?

drawn you to me through autumn dance
and time that I had once believed
that though so fleeting there was a chance
to grasp the beauty I had received

my hand drew back, I realized then
this beauty for all, not sole appease
that if I stole you from this zen
the glory fades amidst the page

I leave you then, as hard may be
this heart still yearning to be pleased
that others wondering by this tree
can enjoy your grace aloft the breeze
this same beauty you gave to me

 Jason Kichline