Friday, November 30, 2007

Teach Me To Live

Verse 1
Waiting for your, awesome presence Lord
Because I know I just canʼt make it without your
Spoken Word

Lord teach me to live
Teach me how to give, to those who need
Teach me to live
To live a life thatʼs worthy
To lay down and bleed, for them

Verse 2
Yearning for your perfect compassion Lord
You know I want eyes to see, I want hands to touch
This fallen world

Bridge 1
Because I want to make a difference
I want to show the world since
You laid down your life for mine
But Iʼm a frail, fragile sinner
Still you call me a winner
and youʼd take me to dinner and weʼd dine.
Some time.... and youʼd...

Bridge 2
For the poor, orphaned child
The widow, the wild,
The ones who loving is a chore
For the helpless, the weak
The sick and the meek
or neighbors not known next door
I mean theyʼre right next door
maybe you should know them more